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  1. None of the participants who played in the first LIV tournament were "banned" from the U.S. Open, if they had previously qualified to play at Brookline. The same will hold true for the Open Championship at St. Andrews according to the R & A. The last post indicated that Ian Poulter will be allowed to play in the Scottish Open. My guess, and I'm not an attorney, is that no one will be actually "banned" from playing in any tournament that they have qualified for. As soon as that happens, I suspect Greg Norman and his entourage of lawyers will file multiple lawsuits against whichever tour implemented the "ban". The PGA and WP World Tours are smart enough to know that. I still don't think the LIV tour, despite it's huge purses, is a bona fide threat to either the PGA Tour or the DP World Tour in the long run. Just my two cents.
  2. Thanks Matt. This has become the "go to" club in my bag. I've dropped my USGA handicap 1.2 strokes since I purchased the Camel Toe !!
  3. When one adjusts the loft of a driver, with the adjustment on the hosel, you are actually changing two things. One obviously, is the effective loft of the driver and secondly, and it isn't as obvious, is one is either opening or closing the face angle. When you increase the loft of a driver, you actually close the face angle slightly. It's somewhat counterintuitive but it does change the angle. The opposite is true when one decreases the loft, one opens the face angle slightly. Moving adjustable weights on either side of the driver face is a different matter. One can make the driver close or open slightly at impact, given a consistent swing path, by changing the weights at the heel and toe if your driver is so equipped. When doing a fitting, most launch monitors will indicate the swing path, face angle, etc. which is an invaluable tool in any fitting. Yet another reason to do any club fitting with an accurate launch monitor.
  4. The counterfeit golf club market is alive and well. When I worked golf retail, I saw some really good counterfeit clubs, particularly iron sets. I was taught how to recognize a counterfeit club/set and it wasn't easy. The best counterfeit clubs, at the time, came from China. For the accomplished golfer, who wants the "genuine" product, beware of what's out there. Buy from a reputable dealer or the factory. For those who don't care and simply want to own a "brand name" and not pay full price for it, so be it. As several have mentioned, they will buy a fake Rolex or a Gucci bag and flaunt it to make one think it is real. It isn't and they know it. They have to live with it.
  5. I saw an infomercial for Pyramid Golf's P3 Pharoah wedges. I ignored it at first thinking it was a "gimmick club". After some thought and several e-mails, I got a significant discount on the 50 degree wedge and tried it. Since it has a it has a 60 day return policy, I figured it was a safe "trial". After hitting it on the range and now using it for a dozen rounds, it has replaced my Gap wedge, also with 50 degrees. I'll probably keep it. I love the weighting and with some experimenting, can use it effectively around the green for "bump and run" shots or as a full wedge shot. Has anyone else hit tried any of their products and what were your thoughts ? Thanks, "Birdieputt", on Tobacco Road
  6. I've played Cleveland RTX-4 wedges for several years now and would not change unless the groves became excessively worn. The 54 degree wedge has 10 degrees of bounce and the 58 degree wedge has 9 degrees. Absolutely love them both. Both still have enough spin for my game.
  7. I've played several of the Snell balls and the MTB-X is, in my view, the best of the lot. I usually play a Bridgestone 330-RX but find the Snell MTB-X is just as long, spins nicely and just "feels right". I also find it resists cuts and marking as well as any ball. For the price point, with delivery to your mailbox, it's hard to beat. I just bought two dozen more. Happy Thanksgiving to all !!
  8. Moderators: If we want to change our picks for the 2019 Open Championship contest, can we submit a second entry ? I would assume the last of multiple entries becomes the "official" entry. Is that correct ?
  9. Tier 5 - Chez Reavie Winning Score (-11).
  10. 1) Ellis, NC, USA 2) 12.9 handicap; 88 mph. 3) Taylormade R9 4) PING G400; Reg. flex shaft Many thanks for this great opportunity.
  11. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Pat Perez Tier 4: Patton Kizzire Tier 5: Bernard Langer Winning Score: -7 Low AM: +7
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