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  1. Absolute steal...what grip is on it? The original baby t's are not cheap in their own right. Great find!
  2. Interesting, I guess I assumed that the ER2/ER2B were just wide flanged versions of the ER1 type head. Not so as we have seen. Come to think about it, Mr. Rife would have to cut weight somewhere to add all that mass in the flange so it makes sense.
  3. Just measured the ER1.2...4 1/2 “ long across the face..my 1996-7 Newport is 4 3/8”. Don’t own the ER2 anymore to measure.
  4. Yes, always have preferred the original Anser style over the Anser2/Newport2. I think that’s why I’m liking the ER1.2 a lot.
  5. Nice! I’ve got a older gun-metal Newport...one of the few I leave out of the sales!
  6. I can only imagine...! One problem I can see... if I get fitted and find “the one”, buying and selling putter after putter trying to find “the one” will stop. This behavior has become an obsession that I find kind of fun! Kind of like a hobby!
  7. Since Evnroll first came out I’ve gamed the ER5, ER2, ER8 and am now getting ready to put a recently acquired ER1.2 in play (if warm weather ever comes to Upstate NY!). When struck on the sweet spot, it feels more responsive to me than any of the aforementioned. Looking forward to see how it performs on real grass! On getting fit: Real club fitters are few and far between in my neck of the woods if they exist at all. One day, I went into the Golf Galaxy and asked the two guys standing near the putter area and asked them how to get fit for a putter. They looked a bit puzzled so I said “ You know...length, lie, loft...” one of the guys said “Oh, It’s whatever’s comfortable” then the other guy said “ Yea, whatever’s comfortable” That was it...! The GG instant putter fitting! What a concept!
  8. About 20 years ago I pulled a snapped-in-half Tommy Armour Silver Scot 2 iron out of a garbage can at my local course. Had it reshafted, brought it to the range and very quickly learned why it got tossed! I remember that being able to hit a 1 or 2 Iron was a badge of honor...sad to say, I never made the grade... "If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron." - Lee Trevino
  9. Darn, I already own an Evnroll, ER2 Mid-Blade. Two full rounds on it, GREAT putter. But before I'm disqualified, Hear me out. I own a slew of Putters...Bullseye, Response (Jack's 86 Masters behemoth), Pal2, 2-Ball, Rossie, Anser, Golo, #7, Ketsch, 1W, etc. etc. Well, I've been playing a long time...what can I say? Anyways, I'd love to put those other Evnrolls to the test. One might make the cut and Join these beauties! I play about 60 times a year with a 12 handicap. Most recently playing Ping Ketsch and MXM Rossie Looking forward to the results, Good Luck to all!
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