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  2. Thanks for the feedback thus far, the variance in dialogue is also helpful. I'll be heading over to the local Golftown to mess around with the iBlades this weekend, but I am strongly considering booking some time at Ping Canada HQ, which is just down the road. I was fitted for the full bag a few years back, and it is an awesome experience, but nothing is like hitting the ball off of the real grass. Best, J
  3. New to the forum, excited to be here. Hoping to see if anyone has feedback on the Ping iBlade v. i25. Have you made the switch? I'm eagerly awaiting the melt and the start of outdoor demo days, but it will likely be a few more months... in advance I'd be interested in your feedback. Best, J
  4. Name: Josh Location: Waterdown, Ontario, Canada Strength: 50 yards and in, creativity around the greens with various wedges Weakness: sticking the sand shots Wedges and Specs: 52SS, 56SS, 60SS Shafts: Project X 5.5 Colour Code: Blue Dot Standard Length Dyla-wedge (white)
  5. 25-35/year 6 Ping Ketsch, strong arc, 33" (superstroke midslim 2.0) Thx for your consideration. J
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