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  1. I am an 8 handicap index and live in Puyallup, WA. I currently play the Ping I200's and hit my 8 iron around 135 yards I have never heard of Sub 70 before but based on the picture would love to give the clubs a try.
  2. I live in Washington State, western side. I have never used any range finder or watch in my life because I do not think it is that much help. My current way of determining distance is eyeballing it usually within 5 yards of my buddies range finder. If I could hit it closer than 5 yards I would be on the senior tour. Love to try a watch out though since I collect watches.
  3. Lance/Washington Hdcp: 7.6 Current irons in play: Ping I200 Carry distance of 7 iron: 144 yards Love to test the new G410's.
  4. Tier 1 - Patrick Cantlay Tier 2 - Matt Kuchar Tier 3 - Luke List Tier 4 - Jason Dufner Tier 5 - Andrew Putnam, he is new to the PGA and now has his card. Playing very good so far this year, do to break through on a major.
  5. The new PING G400+ would be an ideal driver for me to test since I have fitted PING clubs, been fitted for PING clubs and play mostly PING golf clubs. I am a 5.7 handicap with a 95 mph swing speed on my driver and fairway woods. I currently play a Cobra LTD driver because of the better accuracy although this new driver from PING with the sliding weights might bring me back to PING woods again. The model I would like to test is the G410 plus. I can hit the ball either way left to right or right to left but mostly keep it straight with a slight draw. The fact that I work for a golf course and can play whenever I want usually 2 to 3 times a week and I photograph other golf courses and play them would allow me to see how this new driver works on many types of golf course layouts.
  6. Lance Kulman, 9203 169th St E., Puyallup, WA. 98375 Ping 1/2Crazy with custom Winn grip Not fit QUEEN B 9
  7. My coach ( who is a PING Demo guy) has said I should get a set of these and they would be the last set I would ever play with. A friend just picked up the blade model with 1/2" extra length and I tried them and hit the heck out of his 7 iron (about the same distance I currently hit my 6 iron). I would love to win a set of these and play them with the new Aerotech shafts. They are just up the state from me.
  8. I play typically around 60 rounds per year since working part time at the Whispering Firs GC. My current handicap is 5.0 and I play a PING 1/2 Crazy center shafted putter. My short game and putting are my best assets while golfing.
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