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About Me

I still volunteer at Whispering Firs Golf Course located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). I am retired military/civil service and was a world class bowler and part-time golfer for many years. Once my feet and knees started giving out, I switched to golf and now enjoy volunteering in the industry as well as my hobby of photographing golf courses and adding them to my web site, www.golfcaddyonline.com (it is free to join for everyone).  I just had triple by-pass surgery in Jul 18, 2018 and have been cleared to play golf again,  Although my handicap with the new system jumped to 8, I have shot a 66 and 71 in the last 6 months to either beat my age or tie it.  I generally play between 40 and 65 rounds a year down from when I was in  better shape of over 150 rounds a year.

I enjoy tournaments both playing and putting them on, going to golf shows and seeing my friends in the golf industry.  Currently I have played over 700 golf courses in the last 15 years in both the U.S and western Canada and lifetime over 850 courses some of which no longer exist.

I sell used head covers on ebay and collect watches and golf momentos.

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