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  1. Jason Cullen - Phoenix AZ Arccos app on phone Arccos or Bushnell range finder
  2. - Jason - Arizona - Cleveland tfi Elevado - Frontline Elevado I would be very excited to do a direct comparison between the new and old tech to give a real report on if upgrading to a new putter will save strokes and make you a better putter.
  3. 1. Jason Cullen, Phoenix AZ 2. 17 3. Mizuno JPX 800 Pro 4. JPX 900 Forged I'd love the opportunity to perform a contrast and comparison between my Mizuno irons and the new 900 Forged set. I play in a weekly league at work and practice 5 times a week, as well as run our league website. Not only would this be a great opportunity to try out the new Mizuno irons but it would also be a great experience for me to be able to share my opinions and observations with my league mates and MGS members. Thanks MGS! You guys are the best!
  4. 1. 12-20 rounds a year 2. Don't have official handicap but would say is 20+ typically shoot in the 90s 3. I currently use a Rossa Monza putter and like a center balanced shafts. My putter is a bit old and would love the opportunity to try out something new!
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