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  1. Sounds amazing. 1. Cully, Chicago Area, 45-60 rounds/year 2. Twitter.com/cullyjohnston 3. +2 handicap, 107mph driver speed 4. Edel Single-length Irons (3-P), Edel Wedges, Ping G400 Driver, Ping G30 3w 5. Single Length 4-p, Dr/3w/3h, King wedges 50/55/60
  2. Cully / Illinois Edel E-3 Bettinardi's honeycomb milling is the best-looking putterface in the industry, and their overall putter line is a beautiful blend of traditional design and ambitious experimentation.
  3. Would love to test out the MLA as alignment has been torturing me this year. Chicago, IL Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 Making dead straight putts of any length.
  4. I'd be very interested in this. Putting alignment is the single most practiced aspect of my game. 1. I play 75-100 rounds per year. Multiple weekly skins/scotch games, as well as every tournament I'm eligible for. 2. +1.0 handicap. 3. Started the year with a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback 2. Was putting well but still wanted to try the much hyped Directed Force putter. Big mistake. Went from that to a Dot PLX Parallax putter, to a Cleveland TFI blade, to a Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2.0..and now I'm back to my original Squareback 2 but with a Flatso grip on it.
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