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  1. The same guy who was super interested in the P790s hit my HDs on the range and had an organism! He kept drooling out of his mouth like a red tick coon hound on the trail and had this wild look in his eyes. He hit the HD wedge then eight iron and then was slobbering over the five iron. I told him to go ahead before he peed his pants and hit that sucker. He smacked that ball high and long and said how much? I said how much what? Well, how much ya want for em? I said the P790s ain't got here yet! He said screw the P790s these HD irons are what I'm wanting. I said whooooooaaaaaa there big fellow, you'd rather run through hell with gasoline drawers on than try and take those HD's out of my bag. The next thing I knew he was pulling clubs out of my bag and taking pictures of em. I'd bet my brother-in-law's prize coon hound old Larry will have a set of the HDs in his bag by next weekend.
  2. Well, that will never happen...... Edit: I sold both sets of my beloved Clevelands' so I'm down to one set ( TM HD's) however I do have a set of TM P970's due tomorrow
  3. I've had nine rounds with the HD's now with two rounds (77 & 79) in the seventies, and the rest in the 80's with my highest round being 86. I sold my Cleveland Launcher XL irons as well as my Launcher Halo irons. For the most part, the TM Stealth HD's want to go straight to a mild draw. My natural shot shape has always been right to left so if they're not too much of a miss on the left for me, then I can see more drawers of the ball needing to give these a try. I do have a set of 2017 TM P970's coming in tomorrow as I'm going to compare the two sets to see which works best for my 12-handicap game. It should be an interesting shootout.
  4. I picked up a set of 2017 Taylormade P790s to compare with my Stealth HD irons. I'm playing some solid golf with the HDs since I was fitted for them and becoming extremely fond of them. With that said I wanted to see if I have enough game to shoot a decent round with the P790s. I shot 83 today in some cold windy blow-up ya overalls type weather today with the HDs. I have a friend who is looking for a set of the P790 so after my experiment, I may pass them on to him at the same good price I paid for them ($650.00)
  5. Naw it's those dayuuummmm country ham boys that stir the pot!
  6. My stepson is a scratch golfer at Athens CC and Brendan is well, he makes a living at golf so my ole duffing arse would feel like I'm dragging em down all day....
  7. I was at my grandson's baseball game today and pro golfer Brendan Todd's son is on the same team. Brendan and my stepson are good friends and play golf together occasionally and they were chatting when my wife and I arrived. Brendan played at the Players last week and is taking this week off.
  8. Yea the full face does inspire confidence behind the ball. Love mine!
  9. The HD hybrids have a low profile and sit really nicely behind the ball which inspires confidence. Plus they whack the hell out of the ball with nice high ball flight.
  10. IMO they look a lot better visually than the Halo's do and they are also smaller (narrower) from front to back. They definitely look more iron-like than the Halo's do. As for performance goes they both do what SGI irons are designed to do which is make golf easier. The Halo's may get a slight nod with forgiveness from some who like the wider footprint however if you can't find the HD's easy to hit, you might want to check your pulse. Take a look at how close the specs are with the Halo's vs HDs and you'll see they are pretty darn close. They're not your low-launching bullet-firing distance irons although both sets still carry very respectable distances with good stopping power. I wish I had taken a picture of one of my ball marks today on an approach shot on a par 3 hole. No kidding you could fit half the ball down into that sucker! High launch and quick stopping power for the HD irons. Some of your "better players" would not be caught dead with a big ole arse set of irons in their bags however I love the looks and the performance of my HD irons!!!
  11. Looking good! I'm right down the road in Watkinsville, Ga.
  12. Bonding more and more with these irons and today I was able to hit a fade out of necessity twice. These irons are designed for a high draw however I had zero issues with fading two shots around the corner/trees close to the green. I shot 79 today on a cold and breezy day which makes this old man happy!
  13. Both my 3 - wood and 4 hybrid have exceeded my expectations! The HD version at 16 degrees loft is a luxury for me as I've never been able to hit a 3- wood very well off the deck. I'm enjoying the heck out of these new weapons!!!
  14. I completed my wedge setup with a Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 60 degrees.
  15. After having a couple more rounds ( 86 & 84) with the HD irons I can tell you the two sets are pretty much the same club in a different package. It depends on how they look to you and whether you're a digger or a picker. I'm a picker so both sets work very well for me, however, the design of the HD irons helps diggers to not head all the way to China so that's a good thing for you ant eaters. A plus you definitely have to consider is you can pick up 2nd hand Halos at huge savings now. It will take the HD irons a while before the prices drop. Both sets handle the off-center strikes very well. I suppose that comes from the SGI category they dwell in. The Halos are an awesome set of irons that just want to go at the target. Point and shoot. You can hit more draws over fades however fades definitely not out of the equation. I'm seeing a stronger right-to-left shot pattern with the HD irons. I have the setup at home where I can blow on/off grips in a jiffy. With jumbo grips, the HD irons are cool-looking baby draws for me. With regular grips and when you get too quick for ya britches, a hook can show up. Tempo my man, tempo. I've played standard everything with my irons for so long it's taking getting used to a set that is built to specs by my fitter. I'm bonding with the HD irons so more to come as we have a few sleepovers.
  16. Lock er down as no forum interest and decided to hold on as a backup set.
  17. I recently picked up the Stealth 2 HD 3-wood and 4 HD hybrid and these clubs are legit! The 3 wood is actually very easy to launch off the deck and trust me when I say it's easy because I have sworn off 3 woods for years. The 4 hybrid is a freaking cannon with a nice high ball flight. Yea they're good, really good!
  18. Maidan voyage with my new HD irons today was good! I shot 37 on the front and 40 on the back. I three putted 16, 17, & 18 or it could have been 74 instead of 77. I had two bogies and seven pars on the front with one birdie on 15 before my putter left the building. I was getting tired so my stroke was not balanced. Not blaming my putter. Ok for some thoughts on these new HD low-profile irons. They are FORGIVING! I hit some greens today that I had no business being anywhere near the flat surface. Maybe it was an illusion or maybe it was a ghost in the air pulling that ball back toward my target but these irons are outrageously forgiving. They feel super sweet on center strikes however you do get feedback when shots are hit off either side of the center although it doesn't seem to bother the end result of the shot. Do you like beautiful high shots that land like a butterfly with sore feet, then you need to try these. They are set up for draw bias so during my fitting I definitely had that in mind since my stock shot is right to left. The only time I saw anything that resembled a snap hook was on the driving range when I was trying to pound my 7 iron over the 150 into a direct wind. You overcook these and you will see the ole lady in the red mini skirt show up. Otherwise nice high draws that just want to belly over onto your intended target. For you slicers of the ball these irons could be the cat's meow! The size grip my fitter suggested was mid-size although I've been playing jumbo grips for the last few years now and love the feel and security of them. Although I played well today with the grips he ordered they felt awkward so I will be pulling those puppies off tomorrow and blowing on some jumbos. Is anyone interested in six mid-size Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips for $50.00? They go for $10.00 ea. and being I used them once you'll get 10 bucks off. My Cleveland XL Launcher Halo irons WERE the most forgiving irons I had gamed up until now. With the HD irons, I really put them to the test today with thin shots, fat shots, and slap ya momma in the mouth shots and they all turned out very respectable. Lots more to come guys/gals as this was my maiden voyage with these silly easy-to-hit irons.
  19. I had a fitting yesterday for a fairway wood and hybrid. Decent numbers and dispersion were good so I took home two new toys! Taylormade Stealth 2 HD 3- wood 16 degree Taylormade Stealth 2 HD 4 hybrid 22 degree The first thing the fitter did was check out the numbers on my current Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Hy-Wood 3+ 18 degree. We pitted it against a 19 degree HD 5 wood. The first chart shows the comparison with the Hy-Wood on top and the HD 5 wood on the bottom. Then I hit an HD 4 Hybrid to compare to the 5 wood and they were so close that we decide the 4 hybrid would work great with a fairway wood closing out the gaping. The HD 3 wood fit nicely.
  20. Extremely forgiving Super Game Improvement Irons in good shape. 5 - PW with Project X Cypher sixty 5.5 Regular flex with a new 4 iron addition at senior flex. The reason I am selling them is I'm moving into senior flex in all my irons. The grips are True Temper CP2 wraps at the jumbo size. Good for golfers who have issues with arthritis etc. The six iron has a tiny bit of black paint rubbed off the back side. Simply cosmetic and does not affect performance. These irons are high launching and will help golfers who are struggling with launch and too low of a ball flight. Set sales new for $899.99 however since these have had their fair share of rounds they are going at $550.00.
  21. I'll do a little mini-review for ya'll I had to slop the hogs for a whole month for Uncle Rufus to save up money for these puppies. The fitting was $300.00 and the irons were $1100.00+ so hopefully, they will earn their keep and help me shoot my age (72) this year!
  22. @Golfspy_CG2 My irons came today and I don't care what anyone says about these being fugly, I think they are HAWT! I have a fairway wood fitting tomorrow and the HDs are in the mix.
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