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  1. Welcome aboard! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Update September 2020 -- I love em and I'm within a gnat's arse of selling the Callaway Rogue X irons. Either sell the Callys or keep em as a backup set because the TA MAX irons are keepers. I've never gamed a iron that wants to go so straight. I have tried really hard to think of some negatives to share with you all however these irons keeping performing to the max (get it ). If you are having trouble elevating your irons off the ground or tee, you need to head over to Dick's and get on their machine. I guess hitting a nice high ball that lands like a butterfly with sore feet might not appeal to some however I love em like a good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hmmmmm good Aunt Bee! A question some might have is can I flight them down for shots that need more of boring trajectory? Yes sir buddy! Slide that ball back a bit and shorten that swing for a nice little knock down shot. The only thing I changed were the grips to midsize. I love the graphite recoil shafts and the iron heads are very comforting to me. These irons set up behind the ball begging you to allow them to whack the heck out of em.
  3. That’s the model (2019) I purchased yesterday. Looking forward to putting in play today [emoji1303][emoji466]️ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Welcome back Stu! [emoji378][emoji466]️ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Picked up a 58 degree today and will put it in play tomorrow. I have become a fan of Tommy Armour clubs and forgiveness is something most of us could become accustomed to.
  6. How ya liking your CBX2? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. 6’2” and use a 34 inch. I have long arms and this setup is the most comfortable Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Congrats guys and looking forward to your take on this product!
  9. Ok guys a couple of thoughts on these bad boys. I may be losing a bit of distance vs the Cally X Rogue irons however I'm not convinced it's enough to stand out. A few more rounds playing shots from similar locations will answer that question. I know the Rogues have stronger lofts so for the TA irons to hang even close to them is impressive. The TA irons are extremely easy to hit a high trajectory and not lose much distance if any in the process. My Cally irons have a C8 swingweight and my TA irons have a D1 and the interesting thing is the TA have graphite shafts. Speaking of graphite I love what I'm feeling with these irons and the soft feel of the heads is incredible. For you guys who like feedback you won't get much with these irons. I actually prefer that because I get my feedback from the direction the frigging ball is heading. I also know when you do miss outside the sweet zone you suffer only minor loss in distance. No bone jarring false teeth displacement occurs on mishits. They are not bullet proof as a bad swing definitely produces bad results. Just not as bad as a hacker like me would experience with a set of players irons. With that said at this stage of my life I'm not looking for feedback, I'm looking for having fun with my buddies. I'm looking for a set of irons more forgiving than when Aunt Gertrude whacked Uncle Ben up side the head with a frying pan. If you're serious about becoming a low capper needing feedback, workability, and thin toplines skip over these puppies. The topline is not as thick as the Cleveland HB irons however they have enough up there to actually be comforting for us less skilled aging ole farts. More to come as I have a few more rounds in the sack with this hawt chick!
  10. Hey folks update on the chipper. It's going to be a permanent fixture in my bag. I've had enough playing time with it to feel very comfortable with gaming it on several different distances. The thing just flat out works for me. I installed a jumbo grip on it and it's soooooooo comfortable and ingrains confidence in my greenside game. I will try to shoot a brief video today prior to teeing off showing the technique that works great for me.
  11. OMG! Put these in play this morning with zero range time. Hit a total of four fairways with my driver today. It's been awful lately and a month ago I was money with it! Shot 85 today with no tee game, constantly chipping back into the fairway from left side and a couple of three jacks. These irons feel oh so soft! The ball soars nice and high and then lands like a butterfly with sore feet. I mean seriously they honestly blew my mind all day long.
  12. Congrats and keep em coming! [emoji466]️ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. The 5 iron in this set has some junk in the trunk but not enough to cause concern imo. What it does look like is it will be extremely easy to whack the heck out of a ball. Giving these puppies their maiden voyage Tuesday morning in our weekly dogfight so they will be under the gun early.
  14. You got that right! I'm hitting the big ole 70 in November. My swing speed is going down quicker than a skinny cork with a shark on the line...
  15. Yea the Atomics were hotter than a fireball laced with pecker pepper!
  16. I hit em so well, I thought I was better than them, not good....... Plus they took up a heap of room in the sack. The 845's are nicer looking and have more of an iron look than hybrid so we'll see how long these dawgs bark.
  17. I'm interested however I have a mountain golf outing (Kingswood Resort) to attend on October 15th - 17th.
  18. I picked up a set of these bad boys today and will be adding a few thoughts as we become acquainted. I can tell ya right now, the butts on these rascals are near Cleveland HB size which I enjoyed to the max.
  19. Ok I think I'm done for a while as I've been on a roll lately! I wanted some shovels with graphite legs to compliment my Cally Rogue X semi shovels. Soooooooooooo without further delay........ These bad boys have butts bigger than fat albert! The goose is loose and I'm gaming a caboose ! I opened a thread on these irons and will be adding my opinion as I put them to task.
  20. I was surprised when I saw Colin Montgomerie was gaming the same Callaway XF SGI irons I bagged for a few years. He now has different irons however he used the XF for quite some time.
  21. Has anyone tried the TA 845 Max irons with graphite shafts? I'm looking at SGI irons with graphite shafts that won't break the bank.
  22. Surprisingly it does better than I 'd imagined. I had read one of the reviews prior to purchase about how one of the reviewers was talking about how well it worked out of the sand. Well with the amount of loft it has I was thinking this person was liquored up on stump juice. I decided to give it a go the first time I hit a good sized cat box and low and behold the ball popped out like a champ. I haven't tried it on a downhill lie however on flat and especially uphill lies it gets it done.
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