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  1. You're right the HDs are staying in the bag for 2023 and the unseen future. You guys are rocking it in the Cobra 50th Anniversary Gig!
  2. @StrokerAce & @sirchunksalot Guys I was really pumped to give the One Length Irons a thorough look but I had to go back to my TaylorMade Stealth HD irons. No doubt the OL irons could have worked for me if I had put in the time and practice however I couldn't resist the pull the HDs had on my heartstrings. I grabbed the OL irons on a whelm as I was shanking the shat out of the HDs and I was blaming it on them when the ole Indian, not the arrow was causing the sidewinders. Anyways I have a lot of golf this summer with a couple of buddy trips out of town and I need to have the irons that will perform consistently best for me back in the sack.
  3. My sore back is much better so I pulled the HD's back out today for a little range time. I sure am glad they didn't sell! These irons are just hard to beat and the way they launch the ball is pure money for us old guys. I'm thinking I hurt my back trying to launch the lower lofted one-length irons high. Thank ya Lord for the HD's not selling !!!
  4. I have an issue with my lower back flaring up from two bulging discs so my little experiment with the OL irons will be on injured reserve for a few days.
  5. Great group of testers! Congrats and looking forward to your comments.
  6. The video below makes sense concerning the ball position with the OL irons. It's from Sterling and although some say to use the 7 iron ball position I tend to agree that adjusting up or back until it fits an individual's personal setup is key. That's what I will be working on this morning at the range prior to my round.
  7. I'm like an old fox in a chicken pen. Once I get a taste of those solid strikes I'll be back for more.
  8. I'll get the hang of it. One thing that always messes with me is when I play standard grips on new clubs. I have some MIDSIZE Golfpride CP2 Pro grips arriving tomorrow and the proper grip always helps me with better strikes.
  9. My first round with the OL irons was not good. In fact, it was downright fugly as I had 48 strokes on the front and a little better on the back with a 42. I had too many topped shots today, especially with the short irons, and the downhill lies were brutal. I couldn't figure out where to put the ball in my stance. With only one range session I figured the first round would be a shat show so not too concerned about my lack of performance. I can tell you one thing I didn't lose a ball all day so that was certainly the pinnacle of my day. I realize gaming something so foreign to what I've been playing for decades is going to be a staunch challenge.
  10. @StrokerAce I'm seeing a lower ball flight with the 5 iron. Is that the case with yours? I'm putting the OLs in play today for their maiden voyage so it should be interesting. I was hitting the GW beautifully on the range yesterday in spite of it feeling kind of weird being long. I loved the high ball flight which should work well on approaches over traps and such.
  11. I took a GW, 9 Iron, & 5 Iron out to my golf course today to see how these perform off of grass. Geez the GW & 9 iron is soooooooo easy to launch high towering shots that I had to wait for one of those Delta Jets flying across the range from Atlanta to clear the air space. Now with the 5 iron, I was firing heat-seeking missiles about 50 feet off the ground. The jets from Atlanta had no worries with my 5 iron in hand. A couple of worms had their heads decapitated about 170 down the range as the ball was screaming along at Marc 5 speed. I spent a little time chipping on the practice green with the GW and surprisingly it worked pretty well. I might try to use the 5 iron has a chipping iron with it being 7 iron length it could be a secret weapon. I'm living on the wild side as the TM Stealth 2 irons are getting a rest tomorrow as I put the OL in play during our Monday points game. It should be interesting, to say the least!
  12. Buddy, you did an outstanding writeup of your fitting plus general info and covered all your bases. You must of played basketball in high school as you're a tall rascal. You make your fitter look like a pigmy in that photo.
  13. I see in your signature you got all those snakes hissing in your bag ready to kick some booty! Have fun and sic em during your Cobra 50th Anniversary Challenge!
  14. Gird up ya drawers for OG's journey down One Length Lane Well, folks I've been busy lately trying all sorts of new toys this year, and now I'm jumping off the deep end with One Length irons. Say it ain't so! Yup, this ole country boy is girding up his loins and hopping face-first down One Length Lane. I'll have some pics and of course, a few videos and such to wet ya whistle while I travel down this road. First of all, I waited for the correct set which will make the journey as smooth as possible. I found what I was looking for with the COBRA KING LTDX ONE LENGTH IRONS 5-PW, GW GRAPHITE KBS PGI SENIOR 1* UPRIGHT setup. This had me licking my chops like a stud coon hound pup hopping at the opportunity for his first Friday night treeing. This is what they looked like right out of the box. Nice and shiny still in the plastic just waiting for me to do like my old coach said when I had my face planted on the 50-yard line. Throw a little dirt on it and get ya arse back out there! I will give you a little tidbit to naw on as I took the supposedly hardest iron to hit (5 Iron) out to my backyard net, and was whacking that sucker like a momma whupping her red-headed stepchild for stealing her hot peach pie. It felt good, really good but the proof of the pudding will come tomorrow morning when I take these puppies out to the range for their maiden voyage. Stay tuned now ya hear!
  15. I have a set of COBRA KING LTDX ONE LENGTH IRONS 5-PW, GW GRAPHITE KBS PGI SENIOR 1* UPRIGHT out for delivery this morning. I will be doing a review of my thoughts on these puppies once I have a few licks with em.
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