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  1. And I would like to Thank Danno for bringing a hum-drum encounter with my shrink to life in my avatar :) Very well played Bro!! RP II

    1. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      Don't just stop at the world - you can have the universe

  2. Big Time Shout Out To Jeremy(JMiller065) for his 2 Up Victory in his Club MP Championship..He's in the Semis..There are a few Freaks on this site, like he and Bones. Very Well Played Bro- RP II

  3. Heaven Just Got A Little Blacker & Golder Today- RIP Coach.....

  4. Graphite Design, Purple Ice Shaft- Can anyone tell me anything about it, good, bad, mens a mens? Thanks Much, RP II

    1. Hula Rock

      Hula Rock

      RP, it was a pretty good shaft back in the day, had it installed in installed in a Hi-Bore and vaporized the ball. From what I remember, it was a low spinning shaft, Torque was in the mid 3's

    2. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Thank You much Hula!


      I'm going to have it put into an Adams FM.


      Appreciate the response :)


      Have a great season Bro,


  5. WoW, Pens Go 1/2 Way To Doin The Right Thing, WoW......Pens fire GM Ray Shero(Great Move), Leave Bylsma In Limbo For Next GM..WTF? ;)

  6. Fairways & Greens Bro, Forever :)- #4179 #3674 #4137 EOW 04/04/09

  7. Frank Jobe, MD, pioneer of the "Tommy John" surgery, passed away at the age of 88yo. Worked with Dodgers for past 50 years- God Bless RIP

  8. Spring's here in one month!!

    1. hckymeyer


      Bah humbug, 6-9" of snow today.

    2. GolfSpy WD

      GolfSpy WD

      It'll be here soon

    3. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      Wish a mod could change it to now...

  9. Spring's here in one month!!

    1. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Keep the faith :)!!


      Fairways & Greens My Friends

  10. Spring's here in one month!!

  11. I was going through my hats(think all of my clubs x 2

    1. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      and I came across my Fuji/Motore/Blur hat that Colt sent me after the '12 PGA show. Total surprise along with a CRU driver cover and a Gorgeous pink putter grip(It's on my Scotty Newport). Class act by a Class Individual-


      Some Things never Change-


      Thank God


      Fairways & Greens My Friends

  12. C'mon, alignment stix in the bag? I get it, you're a playa, but seriously, LMAO ;)?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      This isn't right, lol


      My hands are tied, LMAO


      Point taken :)


      God Speed Pea



    3. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      Man you 2 are 2 peas in a pod.


      It's almost like talking to yourself.



    4. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      lol, yep, almost...


      cept she's got better grammer than I:)



  13. Hckymeyer, LMAO, Bro, you're the Best!! I saw your post on WRX referencing the MGS Staff Review of the SCOR wedges12/02/11, 1:48AM)- Of course their Balless edit of it due to potential 'SPAM(Yea, right D*ckheads)- Dude, your response was priceless, much classier than mine was, LMAO-F&G My Friend, RP II

    1. hckymeyer


      Thanks RP, now I just wasted 10 minutes trying to find my post to see what I actually said!! :) I don't visit WRX much any more, it's too frustrating to try and actually point someone to relevant information and have it blocked

    2. Hula Rock

      Hula Rock

      I tried to find it, did they delete the post

  14. This is the first time in however long I've been a member that I've pitched a "Deal Of The Day," However Divit.com's Zero Ristriction Rain Jacket for $29.99($180 MSR) is INCREDIBLE-It's like gettin a Benz S550 for the price of KIA Soul. Seriously, buy it, you'll Love it. RP II

  15. The HULKSTER DONATED $150 TO MGS...And Got A Sweet Putter In Return :)

    1. kygolfer1980


      Nice of you to do Richard! Great on the Hulkster's part as well.

    2. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Thanx a lot Dude :)

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