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  1. It's actually just my driveway. Unless I shank one then it's probably headed towards the main road.
  2. It's pretty easy. Lot of these have already been shared but I'll throw my two cents in. Removal 1.) just cut them with a razor. A hook blade works best. 2.) what I do to remove old tape is take a razor blade made for scraping and go back and forth along the steel shafts. Go around twice getting about half of the length in one time and the rest in the other. Once the biggest part of the tape is gone I use a wash rag and acetone to wipe the rest off. Installation 1.) you can buy a regrip kit at dicks or other golf stores. Comes with everything you need. 2.) use plenty solvent.
  3. Looking forward to seeing this. I have plans of my own. Here is a plan view oh mine. Tee off from front yard. Green down in the hay field. It's about a 75 yard 50 ft down hill shot. Should be fun.
  4. Good looking set. Have to let us in on the putter.
  5. I've done both. Air and the coat hanger and solvent. Never hurt a shaft either way. Have had one to blow up while using air though.
  6. Not 100% a golf club deal, but I ran across a set of clubs on Craigslist that I got for $75 dollars. Ended up trading the clubs in at global golf and re-selling the bag. I used all the funds for a rangefinder that was $250. I paid $76.09 out of pocket including the $75 I paid for the clubs to start with.
  7. Wow that's a nice looking set of sticks.
  8. that looks great. Love it
  9. Sounds like I'd like to have your bag
  10. I never liked the yellow, but these clubs are great for me other than that so I made a compromise haha.
  11. Here is my current set up. Really thinking about getting a set of mizuno irons. May upgrade to the 2017 M2. Driver: TM '16 M2 10.5 degrees. Mitsubishi Rayon Kurokage shaft 3 wood: TM Aeroburner HL 16 degrees. Hybrid: TM '16 M2 19 degrees. Matrix Altus Tour Hybrid Shaft. Irons: TM Rocketbladez 4-PW standard TM Rocketfuel shafts. Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM6 grey 50-08 F grind 56-10 (bent to 54-08) S grind 58-10 S grind Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 re-finished in black. Bag: TM Catalina
  12. i can't remember exactly but I progressed from rough to smooth. Maybe 80 down to about 400. Didn't have to be too smooth because the Cerakote requires a media blasting before you do it.
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