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  1. My man! You already know I can't wait to get them in the bag!
  2. Back to Mizunos I go! JPX 921 Forged 5-PW with Dynamic Gold X100s and midsize Tour Velvet Plus4s, INCOMING!!!
  3. This line captures almost exactly what I'm seeing. On the eyeball test, the RTX4 seems to be generating a lot more backspin, especially on 3/4 swings. I'm also finding that the additional 3* of bounce is more of a hindrance for my game. I'm going to start hammering out the review this week and I'll keep putting in work with the ZipCore!
  4. Funny, a friend of mine made the exact same comparison to the SM7s. After more range time and another round with the ZipCore wedge, I feel like they're not a crazy leap forward in technology coming from the RTX 4, and to be honest I'd give the nod to my RTX 4s in terms of overall performance. I'll explain more in my review, and I'm certainly not bashing the ZipCores, but for me they've been underwhelming.
  5. Maybe the muted sound has something to do with them moving around mass in the club head? Just a random thought, but certainly a possibility.
  6. I haven't tried the regular ones, but I have two pairs of the Pro SL Carbons and I love them. They're the first spikeless golf shoes I've actually liked. Super light, stable and comfortable. And they look pretty dang good, too! Definitely worth a shot IMO.
  7. Great stuff everyone! Nothing new to report here at the moment, but based on the compare and contrast I've done with the ZipCore and RTX 4, the two things that are standing out to me are the look at address (ZipCore appears slightly bulkier) and the differences in bounce (ZipCore - 12, RTX 4, 9). And despite the fact both wedges are the exact same weight, the RTX 4 feels more solid to me. I'll be doing more testing this week on the range and on course this weekend so I'll have more anecdotal data to share with you all soon!
  8. Who am I kidding, Srixon needs to hurry up and drop that info on the ZX5 and ZX7 line!
  9. The new TM P-series irons are looking a little TOO good
  10. Here are a few side by side pics of the RTX 4 and RTX ZipCore. Very similar in many ways, with one exception being the longer hosel on the ZipCore. I also felt like the ZipCore was heavier so I weighed both wedges and surprise, they’re the same exact weight! I’ll be doing a lot of short game practice this week and I’m planning on comparing them head to head with a variety of chips and pitches.
  11. Overall it was pretty solid! I tied my personal best (76) as well so it was a good day! My first shot with RTX ZipCore 60° was from 80 to a front pin over some water and the result is pictured. It was from the fairway so contact was solid and it hit the green, checked and rolled out a little. I was pleased with the result! The second shot was from a green side bunker that I hit to about 7 feet. The wedge moved through the sand with ease and the ball came out at the desired height. It also checked up nicely, which I was happy with since it was a touch shot. The last time I used it, I damn near bladed my chip so it wasn’t all pretty! At the moment, I’m still trying to decide what I think about the Spinner Tour Issue shaft. The Tour Issue S400, which I have in my RTX 4 50° and 54°, seems to feel better to me, but I’m going to keen working with it to see how it goes. I do believe the additional bounce in the ZipCore 60° Full has helped me and I’m excited to keep working with the wedge so I can do a nice compare and contrast with my RTX 4 60° Full. In my next post, I’ll take some detailed pics of the RTX ZipCore and RTX 4 to give everyone an idea of the slight differences between the two.
  12. I’m taking my RTX ZipCore 60 Full out for a spin today in my men’s club event. I’ll be using it at the ranges I typically do, and will definitely report back on the, ahem, zippiness . More pics coming, but here are a couple of the ZipCore 60 and RTX 60.
  13. I remember being personally insulted when I saw the shot glass sized holder they include with the cart, so I couldn't have you suffering out there! Happy to help brotha!!!
  14. Put in a little work at the range with my new wedge. Not quite dime sized, but I was finding the center!
  15. It's been kinda of a crappy day, but my RTX Zipcore got delivered so my day is looking up
  16. Here are two shots from last weekend with my RTX 4 50°. I may need to switch golf balls with the ZipCore .
  17. Well it looks like my RTX ZipCore 60 Full will be here today or tomorrow (hooray for fast shipping from Huntington Beach to San Diego) and I'm really excited about testing Cleveland's latest wedge offering. I recently switched back to the RTX 4s and was quickly reminded just how good those wedges are. If what I've read and watched is true, I expect the ZipCore to build on what is already a PHENOMENAL wedge in the RTX 4. Initially I plan on doing a side by side comparison of my two 60s, which will be followed by a variety of range/practice area and course testing. I use my 60 exclusively from about 60 yards and in, never full swing. The one difference I'm particularly interested in is the fact the ZipCore 60 Full has 3* more bounce than it's RTX counterpart. All I know is I am hyped about getting some ZipCore goodness in my hands and I can't wait to share my thoughts with MGS!
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