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  1. Bump city for those who may not have seen this!
  2. I'd have a hard time suggesting a better resource than Fat Loss Forever. And Dr. Norton is definitley not for everyone, but fortunately FLF doesn't get too crazy. As @RickyBobby_PR knows, I had previously dabbled in the yo yo dieting cycle until I saw the proverbial light around December 2016. It's a shame, and not surprising at all, that there are so many people slanging various forms of snake oil. I believe the majority of people simply don't want to put in the work and the allure of a quick fix is far more attractive than staying consistent to a program that actually works LONG TERM. But that's the world we live in now. The right way to do things is often seen as 'boring' or 'tedious' so the quick fix route (in it's many forms) will always be around.
  3. Funny you mention the PXG for Heroes program, because I was looking at going that route originally, but ultimately decided on the Epons. I was happy with getting them for less than a new set of Gen2 0311s, but that discount program makes the PXGs quite attractive for those who qualify!
  4. I got mine through Center Cut Custom Golf. I've been going through them for quite awhile for shafts and whatnot, but since there was what we'll call an 'issue' with my fitter when it came to doing the build, they ended up doing everything including the irons. I got a sweet deal on mine and all said I want to say I paid around $2K for the set!
  5. Thanks! I absolutely love them. They look unique, feel great and have a nice, consistent ball flight. Definitely a set I'll have in the bag for quite awhile!
  6. 86 (45/41), 33% GIR, 36% FIR and 33 putts at Ko’Olina. Seeing how I had to borrow wedges, I’m pretty pleased with the round. This was the first round I played since I got back from my Tahoe trip and it was nice to get back to Hawaii golf!
  7. Pretty sure he's talking about one of that swing simulators you can get one that simulates pro swing patterns. I know they had one at Pebble Beach when I lived in Monterey, but I never got a chance to check it out.
  8. Ordered 7 midsize Tour Velvets for my irons. Nothing wrong with the Plus4s, but going back to what was originally on my irons for swing weight purposes.
  9. While I no longer have this bag, I did purchase it from a golf shop in Canada off eBay. Direct from Vessel they quoted me almost $200 shipping from CA to Hawaii so I'd imagine you're in a similar situation. Just something to consider as you search! Both the bags you mentioned are solid, but keep in mind the only one with full length dividers is the Sun Mountain. I have a Vessel Player 2.0 bag now and the dividers are like 3/4 at best. It's not a huge deal as the majority of bags don't have full length dividers and to be honest even the ones in SM bags aren't all that great. From an overall quality perspective, it's no contest. The Vessel is far superior. But from a cost and availability standpoint, SM is the winner. I think Sun Mountain makes terrific golf bags, but I'm of the opinion that their quality has declined a bit in the last couple years. My Vessel bag is the best golf bag I have ever owned, hands down and I highly recommend them if you're able to track one down!
  10. Yeah I preordered mine so it was $80. The price increased about 2 months before it was shipped.
  11. I’ve primarily used it for my daily swings in the house and it definitely helps you get the correct feelings. I tried it on the range once, but didn’t have very good results. I’ll be giving it another go soon though because I think I had the band set too tight. With consistent use over time I think it will make a difference!
  12. I think Haggin Oaks is a solid choice and if memory serves they’re pretty reasonable.
  13. For me it depends how busy the gym is. I’ve finished them in 45 minutes and some have taken as long as 1:15. I finished my 15th FFG session today and I’m of the belief that this is as about as good as it gets when it comes to golf fitness. From what I’ve seen on Twitter, Mike is going to be moving to a subscription based model in January and I’m seriously considering going with his stuff full time for my training. We shall see!
  14. This sums up my feelings about the G410 Plus and I couldn't be happier with it. It wasn't all pretty during my golf trip, but I hit some drives that were absolutely crushed. Even some of my misses were still in play, which really highlights how forgiving the driver is. It's pretty incredible that Ping was able to improve on the G400 line, which is still rock solid!
  15. I picked up one of the GB summer rain half sleeved rain jackets based on these reviews and it has met and exceeded my expectations. The quality is top notch and while I don't get a ton of rain out here, it's nice to have something to toss on in the event some pesky rain shows up. I also used it when I was in Tahoe recently and it kept me warm on those crips mountain mornings. Well done on the reviews, y'all!!!
  16. I appreciate the kind words and the recommendation! My current golf goals are to shoot an even par round (current PB is 76) and get to a 5 index (lowest I’ve been is 8.3). I’m definitely focused on making both of those happen and I believe getting super comfortable with my current set will be a huge part of making that happen! I’m in no rush of course, and I fully intend on being patient during the process. I just have to trust the process and put in the work!
  17. My Stage 2 review is up! Check it out here: mr.hicksta's Stage 2 review.
  18. It's a movement!!! I appreciate it! I certainly play and practice enough so I think eliminating the unnecessary tinkering will help. Plus my wife bought me my irons and wedges for my 40th birthday so I ought to get a few years use out of them before even considering something else!
  19. I suppose there's no better place to post this so here goes. I love my current setup from driver to my custom tees, but my game is in a strange place right now. While I'm going to be signing any contracts, I am going to minimize any changes for as long as possible so I can focus solely on getting this index down. I have 8 months left in Hawaii so that timeframe will serve as the initial 'experiment' window. Will it make a difference? We shall see. My index is trending to 11.9 right now and that will be the primary measurable here. It's time to quit f'ing around and start achieving my golf goals!
  20. Sometimes it's a legit PITA to sell golf stuff. Always funny when you post stuff like 'I'm not willing to break up the shafts' (three wedge shafts in this case) and then you receive multiple PMs asking 'will you sell 2 of them?' Reading comprehension y'all!!!
  21. I'm pretty sure that's their standard shipping rate because I've been charged that both times for each putter.
  22. I've purchased a couple putter through the program and it's easily the best military/vets/first responder discount available across ALL club manufacturers IMO. They expand it regularly as well and just included PXG apparel this week. A solid way to get some PXG swag in your bag for sure!
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