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  1. A couple things. As I've gotten more comfortable with the MP-20 HMB 3i, it has turned into an absolute weapon. I'm talking penetrating missiles off the tee! Off the deck is still a work in progress, but it is the driving iron I've been looking for. And the SIM 3W? RIDICULOUS on all fronts. Forgiveness? Check. Sound? Check. Distance? Check check check check. I loved the OG V-Steel back in the day and I'm glad I decided to give this version a try because it is just a filthy club!
  2. I saw that and I'm glad you pulled the trigger! I actually lost mine a couple weeks ago so I had to order another one and I gifted @yungkory one as well. The one thing with the magnet is to make sure it's fully seated and you'll feel the ridge once you reconnect it. Mine fell off thanks to A) not being fully seated and B) bumpy cart paths. I don't lose much on the golf course so it bummed me out to not be able to find it, but I believe in this product so I gladly purchased another one. Hope you enjoy yours when it arrives!
  3. I agree. It was cool to see the data that V-Fit put out for me, but like I said in my review, I don't think Tour B X was the right fit for me. And I'm even more skeptical about the 105 SS threshold for X/RX and XS/RXS. All that said, I'm interested in trying the XS eventually because I feel like I fall in that tweener SS zone so that may be the ball that does it all for me!
  4. My review is up! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/35884-2020-official-member-review-bridgestone-white-box-ball/?do=findComment&comment=586500
  5. 82 (42/40, 81 adjusted) 6/14 FIR 8/18 GIR 34 putts (20/14) with three 3 jacks Easily my best round of the year even with a ridiculous blow up hole (8) on #4 and I didn’t have a driver. My TM SIM 3W was an absolute weapon most of the day and a slight tweak in my setup resulted in my best ball striking day of the year so far. I changed my putting grip as well so that made for an interesting day, but I adjusted nicely on the back 9. Given the way I had been playing the beginning of this year, I’m definitely encouraged! This was a saucy 58° from 59 yards that set me up for my second birdie of the day!
  6. Totally understand, and I think they both achieve similar goals. Based on what I've seen the Whoop data is a bit more granular, which can definitely be helpful depending on your goals. I wore my Oura for over a year, but recently sold it because I kind of felt like I was becoming a slave to the numbers. The sleep data really did help me develop better habits before bed though, which is a positive!
  7. Good stuff! I considered picking one up last year, but was turned off by the monthly subscription. I ended up using an Oura Ring for awhile when I was tracking sleep regularly, and there’s no doubt that peppery recovery is often slept on (see what I did there?) in the scheme of things. I definitely see why so many pro athletes are using Whoop straps as having that data can really help you get the proper amount of recovery, which should help with performance. Well done on the review!!! [emoji1433][emoji1433][emoji1433]
  8. Oh it's fine, but I was going back and forth before I hit you up, and just decided that I may as well get the latest and greatest. Kind of a knee jerk decision on my part so we'll see how it goes!
  9. Getting the TM adapter put on my ACCRA TZ5 and then it’s [emoji378] time! This thing is CLEAN.
  10. WITB - House Edition The missus saw me snooping around an indoor hitting net setup and declared it would be my anniversary gift! Needless to say, I’m pumped!!!
  11. I’m liking it a lot now that have the data entry down cold. It definitely helps clearly identify weakly areas!
  12. What I'm seeing from the Tour B X consistently is slightly more distance than the Pro V1x and Pro V1, shots holding their line (when I'm not swinging like a jerk) and pretty decent action on iron/wedge shots in the 100-175 range. The new Reactiv cover is solid, too. Where there's a clear difference, however, is around the green. I've been able to get a little action on some chip and pitch shots, but more often than not those types of shots will run out instead of that checking up. [mention=72400]yungkory[/mention] and I were talking today during lunch before our round and while both of us both got V-Fit for the Tour B X, we were both at 109 MPH, which makes me wonder if the Tour B RX may have been a better fit. I'm going to keep testing the Tour B X out the next couple weeks, and I suspect I'll confirm what I've already seen. Also, while playing today, I let a friend of mine who is a high speed player (115+ at least) and he was raving about how much he liked them. It was evident by the way he was absolutely pummeling the ball! While it's just one round, the performance I saw leads me to believe the Tour B X is a perfect fit for those with swings getting towards 120 MPH, but I suppose it ultimately comes down to a ball doing what each person prefers!
  13. And after a brief period of negotiations, the sellers accepted our offer! I can't wait to get into our San Diego home !
  14. Trying out some TaylorMade goodness at the top of the bag for a bit! - TaylorMade M6 9º - TaylorMade SIM 3W 15º Same ACCRA TZ5 goodness in both And of course a fresh head cover for the driver! Dormie Workshop Mint Cali Swing, incoming!
  15. Dormie Workshop 'Mint Cali Swing' driver head cover
  16. We're working on ours this weekend and I'm hoping it's not crazy like it was in 2018!
  17. The plan is still to retire after the tour so we’ll see! Oh that’s happening for sure!
  18. Your memory isn’t fuzzy, haha! My irons and wedges aren’t going anywhere but I’ve always tinkered with the top of my bag [emoji2].
  19. Disclaimer: I absolutely LOVED my TM V-Steel 3W back in the day. Now that that's out of the way, I ordered a TM SIM 3W
  20. So we decided to buy a house in San Diego and put in an offer on a place the other day. It's our first home purchase so we're hoping everything works out! Either way, exciting times for Casa de Hicksta!
  21. For those of you considering scooping up a GrooveIt club brush, they recently dropped shipping to $4.85 and last I checked they're $24.84 shipped!
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