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  1. Been playing these since they came out. It's a good ball. Feels great off irons, distance is good, spin around the greens could be better, but it's still good. Can't beat the price. I use these and Bridgestone 330rx's. Love both.
  2. I'm fortunate to have been able to buy some of the used stuff fro Hicksta, lol. Good times! My new new T7 Blue wedge just came in too!
  3. Yes it does, just turned 51 a few weeks ago, I have to make the most of this since I've been striving for it for so long! My cal golfing brother! Let's get this forum jumping! Thanks! Look forward to hanging with u all Played Haggin this morn, let me know and we will play.
  4. I frequent another large forum regularly and need a change of pace. I love to schedule events for outings here and there. I normally play in the sac area but also frequent the Monterey and San Luis Obispo areas. I am meeting with 12 other NorCal brothers at Silverado (Napa) this weekend(mr hicksta organized this one) and also have an event scheduled for the weekend before the Super Bowl in the Sac area, you are welcome to join us! I played a lot of golf when I was young, but after my son was born, I didn't play anymore. Came back a year and half ago when he went to college! I play well sometimes, but I've struggled this whole year with being consistent. Love this game! Retired last November from 30 years of law stuff and am available to play most of the time! Let's do this!
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