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  1. Snell’s my name. Pursuing ground holes is my game. It’s not a worthwhile profession but what else does a golf ball have to do? My owner, living in Wakulla Springs, Florida, has been a director for the Tallahassee Open, co-designed and built Wildwood Country Club and helped launch the Nike Golf Player Staff program. In 2006, Golfweek asked him to be a course rater and he is now their ambassador representing Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Finally, when not pounding on my guts, he masquerades as a golf journalist. He’s sent me bathing in scum, created pain in my belly button, sliced me into the trees, hooked me out of bounds, stepped on me in the rough, and never once cleaned my cover. But despite a number of retrievals from water, a tattoo (hit the cart path) and needing a new paint job, I still reside in his bag, somewhat wounded, but forever intact and ready for another adventure. My seasoned but not so spicy golfer has memberships in the societies of Donald Ross, Stanley Thompson, A.W. Tillinghast, Walter Travis, and the International Network of Golf (ING). The MyGolfSpy relationship has thus far been email related only. ####
  2. John Mooshie Wakulla Springs, Florida 82 swing speed Nike red Tour
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