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  1. Craig Dallas, TX I was putting on carpet until I bought a Wellputt a couple months ago. I have started using the Wellputt mat and so far I like it. I would like to compare it to the Birdie Ball mat which was my second choice. Medium green speed
  2. Craig Dallas, TX USA Odyssey Stroke Lab Rossie Flow Tyne 3. I have been wanting to try out a fang putter and have never had a Ping putter. The color combination and contrast is appealing.
  3. Craig Texas 20 handicap Adams Super S 160 yards
  4. I have played much more this year than I have in the last several years. I am taking some lessons and at some point in the next 3-6 months I anticipate getting fitted and buying new irons and a driver. My current driver is the SLDR with the stock Fujikara Speeder 57 Stiff shaft that I won through a contest. My previous driver was a Titleist 910D2 that went through a fitting 4-5 years ago and has a Fujikara Motore F1 65 R-Flex shaft. I am thinking about getting the Motore shaft fit with a Taylor Made adapter to try with the SLDR. My question is whether the Motore is a better shaft than the Speeder and if it is worth the $50 to get the adapter installed by a local shop.
  5. First Name/State or Country of residence: Craig in Texas Handicap: 18 Current irons in Play: Adams Super S The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 160 yds
  6. Craig Texas 22 Cleveland 588 RTX 52 & 56 3/4 pitch shot
  7. Craig Dallas, TX Adams Idea Super S with True Temper Dynamic Gold XPS300 22 C300
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