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  1. Bud - Strongsville, Oh Never owned a hitting net, but have used them during sessons. I am currently in the market for one. I don't have an lm. If I had one, I would use it regularly.
  2. First Name: Bud City, State: Cleveland, Oh Current Driver in Play: Cobra speedzone Handicap: 18 Swing Speed: 99 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi2
  3. Bud B, Ohio, USA Black spyder tour Interested in the Piper C or Ketsch On long puts I have a slight arc, on 10 ft a d under my stroke I'd straight. I have always liked me older Ping Zing 2. I love the color contrast, the alignment and milled face. I believe either putter would be thrilling to play and improve my consistency.
  4. Bud / Strongsville, Ohio USA 2016 Taylormade black Spyder tour Heppler Ketsch second choice Tyne 3
  5. Bud, Strongsville, Oh Handicap: 16 Irons: Mizuno jpx My first set of new irons that purchased was Wilson Fat Shafts, 3 through sand wedge with hyper carbon 535 shafts in stiff flex.
  6. Bud, Ohio Handicap: 18 Irons: Mizuno JPX EZ, 4 thru gap wedge 7 iron carry: 164 Thanks for the opportunity
  7. Bud, Ohio Taylormade 2017 M1, 9.5, adjusted to 10.5, Hzrdus yellow 63 gm, 6.0 Swing speed, 102, LM only available at driving range, Pro Tracker. Handicap = 17 I have never played or tested a Tour Edge. I am intrigued with the Tour Edge driver after reading the test and comparisons here on My Golf Spy.
  8. Bud, Ohio. 50 rounds per year Twitter, Facebook, snapchat 16 handicap, 100mph swing speed Taylormade 2017 m1 driver, TM m4 16.5 3 wood TM 3 & 4 hybrid Mizuno jpxez irons, Cleveland wedged Cobra King F9 one length first choice, F9 conventional 2nd choice
  9. Bud 17 handicap Mizuno jpx ex irons, previous set Wilson fat shaft I bought my Wilson fat shaft irons new. I played them till two years ago when I switched to the Mizuno's thinking I needed new clubs after ***** years. I would welcome the opportunity to test Wilson D7 irons. I only wish there was distance testing in north east Ohio.
  10. Bud - Ohio 16 hdcp 95 mph swing speed Taylormade 2017 M1 G410 plus
  11. Big Shot tuned golf would be ideal, especially since they are also approved safe for driving! Thank you in advance!
  12. Bud, Ohio Mizuno JPX EZ True Temper XP105 (Stiff) 7 iron: 165 carry
  13. Bud, Ohio Taylormade 2017 M1, Hzrdus yellow 6.0 63 g Swing speed 98 to 104 / 17 handicap ST 180 9.5 with MCA Tensei Blue stiff 67 g
  14. Bud, Ohio Mizuno JPXEZ xp105 stiff, 2degrees upright, 1/2 inch long 18 handicap C300 Previous iron set was Wilson Fat Shaft, stiff graphite shafts.
  15. Bud, Ohio 18 handicap Swing speed 103 2017 Taylormade M1 9.5 with Hzrdus 62gn yellow 6.0 G400 Max 10 degree stiff
  16. Bud, Ohio 2. Driver: Taylormade 2017 M1 with Hzard yellow 63g stiff 3. 3 wood: Taylermade M2 Stiff 4: Hybrid: Taylormade rbz2 4 stiff 5: Irons: Mizuno JPX EZ 4 thu gap wedge 6: SandWedge: Wilson Fatshaft graphite stiff 7: Wedges: Cleveland RTX 2 58, RTX2 60 Putter: Taylormade Spyder Tour 3. 18 handicap 4. Continue to lower my handicap, improve consistency. Good luck to all
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