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  1. Of the two you mentioned i would heavilly favor true spec. I would also throw in club champion. I have don two fittings with them and bought a set of irons an put a more appropriat shaft on my driver. They were terrific both times.
  2. Bill Garner, NC Titleist pro v1x Played top flights when i was younger, moved to something softer and havent tried them in a long time
  3. Billy. Garner. NC 2 Vokey sm6 50,54,58 I like the way a raw wedge wears
  4. thread with the following information: Bill Garner NC Playing on weekends. No experience with putting mats Medium
  5. Burton golf bags, that takes me back... great bags. I never had one, just had a hot-z which was not near as nice.
  6. I just got a clikgear 4, a little more than the 200 you mention but be that as it may, its a great cart to use and fits easily in the trunk of my car.
  7. Bill. North Carolina Vokey Low spinner I would love to see what a different grind plays like.
  8. First Name/City of Residence. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing! If you use a device what model and brand Bill/Garner Bushness v3
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