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  1. The better courses in Flag are private (Forest Highlands, Pine Canyon, Flagstaff Ranch). Sedona has some great views and some fun courses. Oak something is the better of the bunch, I have been told.
  2. Love the design. I prefer the white background to the yellow, primarily because I have trouble seeing the yellow/black design on the fairway, until I am around 100 yds from the ball.
  3. pm sent - hope the i25's are still available!
  4. I have a number of pairs of BOA golf shoes (I think I am up to 5) and will be all over the ECCO boa shoes when they drop in price. When the BOA lacing is on top of the shoe, there has never been a problem w the system. On the heel, I have knocked them loose on the golf cart while driving or getting in, but I have never had my pants get caught in the lacing mechanism. You can find BOA shoes on clearance. I have purchased exactly one pair of BOA shoes for more than $100, and I picked up a pair of adidas a few weeks ago for under $50.
  5. I don't understand the rush on these balls. As most of the country is freezing their nuts off, and these will be in stores nationwide in March, I don't see what the urgency for these balls are. Although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I grabbed 2 doz when they were released in my local Costco in October...
  6. Get to the course, find a $ game. Amount does not matter, just get into a game regularly, even if it is just one or two guys. Always play for something. It sucks when you are in a match and things don't go well, and keep going badly. The only way to get comfortable with those situations is to BE in those situations. Let me know when you are ready, I know a guy... As for practice, When putting, I do the clock drill from 3 feet, and I don't leave until I complete it. Pressure is giving yourself 15 min to do the drill. Another drill is to make 50 3' (or 4' or 5') putts in a row. The last few putts can test you. Good luck!
  7. I look at Affordability in two lights. 1) Quality is not cheap. Sure, you can find stuff on sale, but high quality items usually are pricey. Quality goods are generally affordable if you accept the notion that affordability is not cheap. 2) Stuff that wears out quickly can be picked up for a very good price, if you search hard enough. Example - golf clothes. I end up destroying golf shirts after a year or two, so I will not buy a golf shirt for more than $30 unless it is from a golf course that I have played and will not use it often on the course. Example - shoes. Comfortable shoes are worth every penny. Example - equipment. Quality new stuff is expensive, but if you wait a little bit (6 mos - 1 yr) then the equipment can be obtained used for less than 1/2 the original cost. Example - Balls. No point in spending a lot of money on balls, unless you are a top am or make your living playing golf. The differences to most amateur golfers between similar golf balls is not large enough to justify spending $50 on a dozen balls (to me).
  8. Cool weather golf - cannot wait! I hope it is a bit windy, keeps the fair weather golfer off the course. Perfect for light weight jackets today!
  9. What putters are you looking for? I have a SeeMore M5 if interested, same specs but 1* flat.
  10. I think the Costco packaging is over the top, and certainly prefer the MG packaging. A ton of waste w KSig balls. I mean, in a two doz box, two 1-doz boxes and 8 sleeves? "C'MON, MAN!!"
  11. I like hard courses - not necessarily narrow or tricked up, but courses with tough greens complexes, requiring thought off the tee, and elevation changes (including side hill and up/down hill lies in the fairway). A course like Wolf Creek in NV is over the top, but Pinehurst #8, Dismal River Red and Shadow Creek are close to perfect, imho. I am sure there are others,
  12. This. Depends on supply more than anything else. I have never seen Titleist at Costco, but that does not mean much. I have seen Callaway, and I am pretty sure they will not be renewing that ball.
  13. I believe you are correct re: used and lake balls. I disagree w you re: Costco adding more balls. For them, they are providing a single product at a great price, no need to add any unnecessary competition. Generally, Costco carries one model of what they sell, and not a huge selection of different style of similar product.
  14. Hello! Been lurking for a while, figured I would join. I like to golf, play a lot around the country when I can. I recognize some names from "other places". Looking forward to it!
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