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  1. Yeah, pretty amazing what just a change in grip or swingweight can do for the feel of your club. Expecially with some of these new Jumbo size grips. A lot of folks with arthitis find those a game changer. Good luck with your game!
  2. Thought I would jump in here since I've known and worked with Tom Wishon for over 25 years. I can see why his products and designs for not popular for everyone, but I'm not sure how anyone could question his experience and credibility as a designer, or his expertise on materials and manufacturing techniques, and the few sources who actually do the manufacturing in China. Sure a lot of the big brand manufacturers have some shiny new objects, fancy colors and finishes, but dig in behind the cosmetics, and the tour player sponsorships, and million dollar marketing campaigns, and what do you have? The same kind of designs and materials that Wishon has been turning out for a long time. Tom is retired now and not turning out designs like he used to, but still releasing a new design every year or so. He's done a lot with variable center of gravity in his most recent designs. The EQ1 was a huge improvement over the original Sterling design. They just released a new forged iron, and a new wedge design, and a new driver is coming before the end of the year. Tom has been loyal to the niche world of clubmakers for his entire career. He's given us a professional quality line of products that perform side by side with any brand name on the market. Obviously I have the utmost respect for Tom Wishon. One other comment that I saw in this thread about club fitting being a bit of a scam. What?? Clubfitting involves a lot of subjectivity and personal preferences, and no clubfitter has access to every brand of heads and shafts out there. But thanks to some folks like Tom, we have some common measurements that can help bridge that "data" gap and brush away the marketing hype to get some common comparisons. And some things are just common sense. And having a set of clubs that fit you is as important has having a pair of shoes that fit you. If you wear a size 12, you wouldn't feel very comfortable in a size 10. I agree, there are a lot of, let's just say inexperienced folks fitting people for clubs. Nowadays, any big box store with a launch monitor calls themselves clubfitters. Knowing how to read the numbers off the monitor is one thing, knowing how they play into a club or shaft selection is quite another. Those launch monitors don't come with a club fitting instruction sheet. You may not have liked the clubs that were recommended to you by a clubfitter, and there are lots of reasons for that, but don't discount the value of having a professional, experienced clubfitter helping you with your selections. Every tour pro has someone helping them with equipment selections. Thanks for the forum, and the opportunity to share some thoughts. Tony
  3. Just wondering how the shaft bend profile would compare between a set of taper tip .355 iron shafts vs their .370 parallel tip counterparts. Same original shaft weight. Specifically building a single length set to 37”. So you would have to butt trim only the TT shafts, but trim 3” ( or so) off the parallel tips. Would those bend profiles look the same and play the same?
  4. Tony in Cincinnati Wilson Staff FG5 -Wilson Staff D200 - Wilson Staff RM Hdcp 9 I'm a big Wilson golf fan for many years. I would love to test run their latest irons. The C300s cast
  5. Tier 1: Jordan Spieth Tier 2: Patrick Reed Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Bernhard Langer Winning Score: -12 Low AM: +5
  6. I would like to test the Snell balls. I'm currently playing the Vice Pro ball, just came off some of the Volvik Vivid XTs. Tony Cincinnati OH Hdcp 10 I like the higher spin balls.
  7. I would be interested in being a tester for the Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder. Tony Hood in Cincinnati, OH I am currently a user of the Leupold GX4.
  8. I would like to be included in the Sentio putter tester program. I live in Cincinnati Ohio, my handicap is 8.3, and my current putter is a Cure RX3.
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