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    Golf - Class A Certified Club Fitter & Builder - BBQ - Bourbon - Cigars - Engineering
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  1. I used the 2019 version of these, after reading the MGS tests and I was very happy with them. Looking forward to trying the new 2021 models. Sad that they dropped the green version. I find those easier to see in the fairways (or the woods).
  2. Just wondering how the shaft bend profile would compare between a set of taper tip .355 iron shafts vs their .370 parallel tip counterparts. Same original shaft weight. Specifically building a single length set to 37”. So you would have to butt trim only the TT shafts, but trim 3” ( or so) off the parallel tips. Would those bend profiles look the same and play the same?
  3. Tony in Cincinnati Wilson Staff FG5 -Wilson Staff D200 - Wilson Staff RM Hdcp 9 I'm a big Wilson golf fan for many years. I would love to test run their latest irons. The C300s cast
  4. Tier 1: Jordan Spieth Tier 2: Patrick Reed Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Bernhard Langer Winning Score: -12 Low AM: +5
  5. I would like to test the Snell balls. I'm currently playing the Vice Pro ball, just came off some of the Volvik Vivid XTs. Tony Cincinnati OH Hdcp 10 I like the higher spin balls.
  6. I would be interested in being a tester for the Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder. Tony Hood in Cincinnati, OH I am currently a user of the Leupold GX4.
  7. I would like to be included in the Sentio putter tester program. I live in Cincinnati Ohio, my handicap is 8.3, and my current putter is a Cure RX3.
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