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    Maxfli Tour

    According to Dean Snell, to do yellow properly it adds manufacturing costs and even though some of us prefer it, the sales volume may not justify the expense. I think Foremost spray the yellow on then the urethane is applied. Titleist, Snell and probably the other larger brands, use yellow surlyn under the urethane.
  2. Any feedback from the black 699 players ? Just wondering how the finish has held up. thanks
  3. Look an awful lot like these
  4. The algorithm needs adjustment is my point. Unless it’s an old fashioned US Open set up no green is that hard. But, you are illustrating my overall point, individual play should determine what ball instead of ball tests, especially robot tests.
  5. I think your personal experience is more valuable than a launch monitor. I’ve watched a lot of ball testing videos and one question occurred to me. Since I have hit iron shots that have backed up with balls like the Titleist Trusoft DT, how can testers hit a PV1x with 11,000+ rpm and have it roll out?
  6. I don’t get the Tour Soft, I can’t find any advantage over the TruFeel and in many ways it’s not as good. The Tour Speed is much closer to the NXT Tour I played for years and truly miss. I prefer the feel, flight and distance of the Speed to most balls. Since Wilson discontinued the Duo Pro, which is much firmer than advertised, I’m thinking the Tour Speed will be my ball of choice.
  7. I’ve been playing the Duo Pro and thinking this is an alternative now that Wilson has again killed the ball I liked and replaced it with a ball I don’t.
  8. Deepred

    Maxfli Tour

    True, but they often do not get the same discounts as the two retail outlets.
  9. Definitely, if didn’t already have 14 dozen in the car and on my desk I’d order a few dozen.
  10. Deepred

    Maxfli Tour

    Yesterday I returned a hat for a friend and received the $10 off coupon. Picked up two dozen for $50.
  11. Callaway bought the Top Flight brand name and most importantly I them, the intellectual property. They have since sold the name to Dicks. Spalding is now the property of Nitro golf, and came full line of balls. The Tour and Tour X are three piece urethane balls now on close out at RBG. They are as good as any ball on the market for less than the most skilled among us, at least that is the few few reviews I found. Don’t know what the others are like.
  12. Not yet but I’m trying to not order a bunch
  13. Wonder if the C4 will make a comeback
  14. Which SmartCore? I really liked the spin version, I think it was the green box. i think lower spin balls are more predictable if less precise on chip shots. To quote a very famous teacher when asked by a golfer if he could teach him to get more backspin, “ do you usually fly the ball past the hole”? No. Then why do you want backspin?
  15. The Strand will never recover from the Gold Club buying Crazy Horse which led to it becoming the new Doll House. For many years we did a January trip to Myrtle and played most of those courses. I’d never play any of the Ocean Ridge courses, Brunswick Plantation, nor Brick Landing again. Sandpiper was most enjoyable as was Diamondback but is much more user friendly after months off. I heard the Glens Group is selling Glen Dornach as well? That sucks.
  16. There a few different component heads that might fit, most of them have easily adjustable weights.
  17. I saw one pic of a new Wilson putter that looked a lot like a Cameron mallet.
  18. I think most surlyn balls will stop when well struck from the fairway. Now I probably hit the ball higher and harder than most with a full iron so perhaps I’m biased.
  19. Much of the analysis of “which ball” threads, reviews etc revolve around spin rates and distance but what about forgiveness? I have long felt urethane balls tend to end up in bad places much quicker than surlyn balls. Plus I’m more likely to hit the green from the fairway.
  20. I was referring to the new TriFli, not the Tour. I have seen the Tour in yellow but several people have said the yellow chips very easily.
  21. I carry 50/5 52/10 55/11 58/4 sometimes all at once and sometimes I very them depending on the course.
  22. I actually believe in buying the cheapest ball that does what I need it to do. Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft do everything I need. If the new Maxfli TriFli ball came in yellow I’d give it a try. The Wilson Duo Pro is an exceptional ball and is on sale now. If it came in a non matte color I’d load up on those. I find higher spinning urethane balls require more practice and consistency than I have time for.
  23. Deepred

    Golf Ball Spin

    If I catch a urethane ball crisp on a chip it comes up 10’ short. If I don’t it rolls just as far as a non urethane ball. Lol heres a test I have never seen. Drop a ball in green side rough and test it’s spin. While I’m no short game magician and there for represent most golfers, I think loft and feel are more important than robot tested spin rates.
  24. I chuckle at companies promoting Carpenter steel or 455 steel face clubs. Golfsmith produced those over 20 years ago.
  25. I had a Bang Mellow Yellow, great driver head but that yellow paint would chip if you stared at it.
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