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  1. Nick Florida 7.4 iBlades Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I have never had a BOA shoe before, so honestly i can't compare for you.. but I don't think it makes them to stiff (now all I am going to think about is whether my shoes are too stiff there, great, maybe it will keep my mind off my awful swing) These are definitely wider than the others I have, or at least feel. its a little longer as well... Last years lace 10 fit me as well as any shoe ever has, but this shoe is a litter roomier. not enough that I should be in a 9.5, but definitely not the perfect fit of the others
  3. I bought a pair sight unseen, missed this thread... They are extremely comfortable, but they are not the same as the 4 other pairs of Titantour Ignites i have (all last years model) They are a bit wider (a definite plus) but I can't get the BOA quite tight enough... there is just too much slack in the wires.... The other thing is, these shoes SQUEAK.... and I mean like i need WD40 on my feet... its ridiculous... and its LOUD. i am hoping this dissipates as they break in, but HOLY HELL its awful.... almost enough to send them back or toss them if I can't send them back.... ALMOST, they are too damn comfortable
  4. +1 on pure. I even now order my irons from ping with no grips. And have a stockpile ready at all times. The tool makes it a snap Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. I think it will be great if he wins with it. They are supposed to be making him a green ball to play in the masters. Bubba stated that he and ted were sitting around and decided they wanted to do something different. So they started looking into golf ball companies that made colored high end balls. Thats pretty much Volvik's calling card. Srixon makes tour yellow, and for the japanese market they make an Orange Zstar... but my guess is Bubba wanted A) something different than plain old yellow and Srixon already has a bunch of tour guys that play the ball AND thier clubs. Bubba isn't leaving Ping anytime soon is my guess as thats all he pretty much has ever played since he was a little kid I think its awesome
  6. Ok. How did you do that. That looks awesome. I would love to get my new tyne with a custom finish. But being they are painted I don't think they are going to offer it. I probably am going to get at least a custom paint fill if they will let me. But a star shot or powder coat black with silver front (ala Vera's line) would be killer. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I get your point, and its completely valid. Bettinardi i guess is too big to be considered boutique anymore, but I have several friends who have his putters. Only 1 of them still plays it. and he took it out of the bag for a while (but thats not really a good comparison as he has 35 putters at the house) The Ping IsoForce was a great design. Patent must have ran out, as Edel (i think) is making one that is almost identical. I had a Darby from the original WRX line and then a couple of the production line models To me, Ping is still more boutique compared to the big guys. But they don't do all the options. I come from the music industry, and there were boutique guitar builders that could do some amazing things with pieces of wood and a set of Seymour Duncan Pickups... But most of them that I knew are gone less than 10 years later. But the Jackson Charvel Custom shop (now owned by Fender) is still doing them. They don't have an unlimited options, but they can and still build pretty much anything you want. But it will cost you probably double what it will at a small builder. but a lifetime warranty for the original owner that will more than likely outlast the original owner is pretty bitchin'
  8. See thats my thing too. I am sure that there are several really great guys that have small boutique shops that probably build a great putter. But I personally would rather have one that says Ping on it for several reasons, and only one is because of my OCD. I have purchased several items off eBay that Ping has done repairs on. Technically they don't have to do anything with a second hand item. Its one of those things that they are a company that stands behind their products, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The boutique guy, could get a job offer in a machine shop that he can't refuse and then suddenly he no longer has enough time to work on, build or repair his putters. Or he could just not be making enough money to keep doing it and has to go find a real job. (this is the most likely scenario) Im not in anyway saying that they are not the way to go, just not the way I would personally go. Like I said in an earlier post, if this was the right putter head, or a customizable putter head, I would have already told them to shut up and take my money.
  9. That looks like a killer track... great package too...yeah yeah, i know i am always late to the party
  10. I am a Ping Fanboi, but I don't think they will sell a ton of them. I also, being familiar with Ping, don't really think the aim is to take over the putter world with this. They are just probably branching out. This isn't an anser putter, its a new one. The other thing, is like the Vault series, this is a USA made all milled putter. They sold the Anniversary ansers (i would have bought one if I could have and they were what, 900) so this will be for "that guy" I would get one if it was a selectable head shape. I wouldn't be able to click the mouse fast enough if they had the head shape I want. just my $.02 that is worth $.00
  11. She uses her body, and yes its way above average, to get a leg up on her competition as far as sponsors. Thats the world we still live in. She takes LOTS of selfies in clothes that barely cover her curves. People are always going to be trolls. They are friggin everywhere. My first wife died when my son was 11 months old. Somebody in an online game he was playing asked if that was his mom that said something (someones mic picked up a woman talking about getting off the game) He said, no and they aregued with him. when he finally said, dude, my mom died when i was a baby, another person immediately said "she probably killed herself because how bad you suck" i mean it was IMMEDIATE.. people just suck in general. If you look at all the people that follow her... no i am not one.. but I have looked at her photos, there are a ton of posts about all the things they want to do to her, and more about how she sucks. People really are awful, especially when there are no consequences, and if they can make themselves feel better and stay behind the shield of anonymity, then they will generally say things that they would be terrified to say to someones face...
  12. Yeah the guy that did that cover has a bunch of great songs that arent metal, done that way. He owns a studio in Norway. Incredibly talented. Gave me permission to use his music for any videos I did... I have a flyover from 15-30 feet as well, but it has a Joe Satriani Song in it... Don't have permission for it... but its just damn cool
  13. Here is the drone video I did at my course https://youtu.be/veJ7-ZbaGiM Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  14. here are mine.. they are made by Delila... First one is the puttercover she made for my new Ping Vault Oslo, and she made a matching alignment stick cover for me as well The First one was for my old Darby the Ping Customized for me. The last one is the Driver Cover that I had made for the guys that i play with regularly.. Blue/Orange for my fellow Gators Red/Black for the Georgians Garnett/Gold for the FSpoo fans and some Black and Charcoal ones for the guys that don't really follow the local College Teams I would highly recommend her. I will be ordering a set of all white covers come spring with the same logo (UF Alumni Association) but probably done with a green gator, orange eyes, surrounded by two tone blue water, because everyone always asks me.. WTF is that on your head cover....
  15. Everyone at my course for the most part plays for money. whether it be 2/2/2 or $2 wolf with automatic presses, or even the groups that play "trash" games with birdies, sandies, greenies, polies, and what not. I dont mind playing just to play, but its hard to find a group if you arent at least in the wolf game.
  16. I simply think she is the best. her products are well made, but affordable. Most of all, she is a great person to do business with. I just ordered Driver head covers for everyone that I play with for Christmas. I had a really good November, so my commission check was way larger than it normally is. So, she and I got together for a very simple and affordable head cover for me to give to the group that I play with. Simple two color covers with no embroidery. based on their Florida/Florida State/Georgia allegiance. There is a Tennessee and Auburn thrown in, and some for those with no allegiance. So I really glad she and I are able to do business together. I am going to get a new bag in January or February, so she will be making me an all new set, Driver, 3, 5, and Hybrid. plus putter cover and alignment stick cover. I think I am going to do Black with blue and orange, or I may actually do white with an orange gator. I don't know yet. may even change the design up a little and do a green gator with orange eyes and some "water around it" because nobody seems to recognize the logo...
  17. how do you do the gun blue thing. do you have to remove the original finish? I would love to have a set of Blue steel irons... Yes I know this is an old thread, but new to me.... I would like to have the "platinum finish" removed off my Pings and add a Gun Blue... that would be pimp, and would probably not hurt the performance either... damnit, interwebz... you cost me money!
  18. They are courting him hard..... My club pro is on Titleist staff, and he says that the new epic driver, is absolutely ridiculous...we have three people with them on order already, or pre-order or whatever they have available..
  19. yeah. either a 36 or 48, i can't remember it may be a 36" with 48 bulbs... We live on a golf course that is honestly a lot of fun just to ride the cart paths at night and look for gators, and there are a TON of hawks and owls, and a few eagles. otherwise, it would just be a golf cart, and the wife would have never allowed that. We have two courses in my little town, the other one, has a weekly scramble that is for big money. i think the pot is 3000 and 1000 (they cap it at 3 and start a new one) anyone below a 10 handicap in is an A-player. as a 6, i am a B player, and we usually have 30 people for most of our MGA events. the other place has usually 9, 3 man teams for the scrambles (thats the only time I play over there, the guys are fantastic and the family that runs the place are great, but I just don't care for the course that much, and I live on the other one) and from what I understand, the other money games have plenty of players too. Our club basically says you can move up to the next set of tees once you hit a certain age, with the stipulation that your handicap doesn't immediately drop 4 strokes in the first month. if so, back it up... this makes some of the older guys a little miffed because they lose strokes in MGA events, so they don't tend to play in them
  20. Lol... should have known that would be among the first responses...
  21. I live in Lake City, FL Die hard Gator. Born in North Louisiana, but from a family of LSU nuts... Took me to the wrong football game when I was about 8 or so... I liked the Blue Team~ Graduated in 99 and always wanted to move back.. was able to about 18 months ago. Live on the back of a small semi-private golf course. Its a great little track. Lots of lower handicaps, as a 6 I am not even going to compete for club champion, as there are about 25 guys that are 3's and lower (4 with plus caps) I have always played, and always will play Pings. started with ISI's, and still have a set last few sets are 2013 Ansers 4-W, 2015 i's 5-W, and currently have a set of iBlades 5-W. G SFT at digitally lofted 9.1 (big circle) with Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 60 X-Flex G25 3 wood stock stiff i25 5 wood Aldila Rogue 70 stiff ( love this club, going to try to find the EXACT 3 wood) i25 19* hybrid 5-W iBlades, S300, but sending them back to Ping to be reshafted back to the trusty PX6.0 Glide Wedges 48,52,56 Ping Vault Platinum OSLO Srixon Zstar XV Ping Deluxe Bag I have a full set of covers made by Delilah. Just ordered a Rogue Silver Tour 110 MSI 70 Flex for my driver to try out off eBay... might be a little much for me but what the heck... it can't be much stiffer than the Fujikura, which is almost perfect When I walk, which isn't often enough, I have a BatCaddy 8 that is pretty cool. But normally, I ride in my cart. I have wasted more time and money on a Club Cart I bought off a guy on the side of the road. Now its pretty bitchin, but I have way more in it than its worth. anyway... I am a golf nut, and a gear junkie. so enough about that, and on with the Porn....
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