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  1. Very solid offerings throughout the line. Good following on the Champions Tour as many players are without equipment deals & (gasp!) might actually have to pay for a club, like all of us unwashed commoners.
  2. If you find that you're still tiring by the end of the round & this combo is nothing more than -as you state - "flavor of the month", it's time to take an honest look at your fitness level & what you need to increase endurance.
  3. The change in swingweight is a direct result of the length removed from the shaft. If I follow you correctly, 1 1/2" has been removed from the shaft, net the clubs are now 3/4" shorter than the standard Titleist length. Yes, that will reduce the swigweight. But the distance loss is tied to the clubs being shorter:If you hacked the five iron 3/4", it's now somewhere between a six and seven iron in length. It could also be a terribly bad shaft match for you. Tiitleist may be able to give you the build specs if you provide the serial numbers for the clubs.I can't recall if they will build to a longer length and a requested swingweight, or just accommodate changes in length. Big Stu might know,
  4. Wait until it happens from within 10 feet.
  5. If my wife offered up a new bag for the holidays, I'd be heading right over to the MacKenzie site & looking at the leather original walkers.... But that ain't gonna happen, so I'll soldier on with my Sunday Walker for the next 10 years or so
  6. You folks are doing some really great work. Thanks for sharing.
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