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  1. Hello~ Very cool, innovative product you've designed. First name: Coble City & State: Denver, CO Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: Yes, my local course encourages walking which I enjoy over using a cart. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Yes, Clickgear 3.5+...as a "young" 54 year old it's great to walk without lugging a cart bag around 18 holes.
  2. 1. Coble from Colorado 2. 14 handicap 3. Ping G30 TFC Stiff 4. 105 with 275 carry 5. Phil Thanks
  3. Coble Colorado 15 Handicap Ping Karsten Current Iron Set
  4. Coble Thurman from Denver, CO currently use the Garmin S2 Watch. I don't wear it while I play as it's buckled onto my golf bag. Considering a laser range finder for use on practice range to work on distance control and on the course. There's a handful of quality brands touting new features that are of interest. Would enjoy testing this product out while playing in AZ this winter. Much Appreciation for your consideration. ct
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