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  1. John, Fairfield, CA

    80 swing speed

    Currently play the Calloway "Chrome Soft and" Supersoft". I have played the Snell "Get Sum" and " MTB Red". I liked both, but have not really settled on a specific ball. I've read the testing reviews for the MTB- X  and was intrigued by the compatibility with slower swing speeds. 


  2. I found some survey questions difficult to answer because of the required responses. The format locked you into a response that may not have fit the responders point of view. 

    As a side note, my golf club complains about slow play every week, yet some of our members are the worst offenders and nothing is done to address this. 

  3. I've been playing golf most of my life, but didn't really get serious about it until I retired in 2002. Lowered my Handicap to 14, but it has gradually risen to my current 18. Currently shooting high 80's to low 90's. Aging and a bout with prostate cancer contributed to my rising Handicap.

    The two things I love most about golf are the beautiful scenery and its a game that you will never fully conquer. 

    When I first spotted My Spy Golf, about two years ago on the internet, I was intrigued by its no-nonsense coverage of golf topics. Honest evaluations and some pretty valid studies.

    I currently reside in Fairfield, CA, when I'm not on the road with my 5th wheel, traveling the western U. S. My favorite local courses are Rancho Solano and Paradise Valley. 

    The best things about golf in my region are the fabulous weather and the wonderful mix of ocean and mountain courses. There is nothing bad about golf in my region. 

    I retired in 2002 after 30+ years in law enforcement. 

    My user name reflects another passion in my life. 

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  4. Hello: I'm jdfishing from No CA. Just happened to stumble on this site some time ago and now find myself coming back often to check out the reviews. I just turned 70, but am more committed than ever to improve my game. I try to play twice a week and go to the practice facility almost daily to work on some aspect of my game. We travel in our RV frequently, so I get to play a wide variety of courses. I am looking forward to the future subjects covered on this site and the ability to interact with other members regarding golf related issues. I'd like to thank MGS for creating this very informative site.

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