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  1. Thanks for all the Wrist Widget feedback. I'm back to full time playing again. Now I wear one on both wrists for mental security. I also literally probe the ground before each shot now as I never want to go through 3 months of hell again. A pine tree lined course has roots spread all around like you won't believe. Do your pre round stretch to include your wrists. Let's be careful out there. (Hill St. Blue reference)
  2. Just received my Wrist Widget and it feels great. I'm in week 12 now but my wrist sure feels more secure wearing it. Once it warms up here I´ll be able to test out hitting shots. I've already sent for a second one to have a backup. Thanks for the recommendation. Pay it forward. Did anyone see JT Poston grab his wrist on the Sunday back nine of the Rocket Mortgage? I hope his wrist didn't suffer the same fate. He sure earned a nice check that day. Michelle Wie, Charl Schwartzl, Justin Thomas have all have wrist issues. Make sure you all are cognizant of hitting shots near a tree.
  3. jlukes, I'm looking into it now. Thanks for the heads up. Sinewave
  4. I hit a tree root with an 8 iron (in the middle of the fairway!!!!) and sprained my wrist (level 1) 10 weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone else out there has had a similar experience. The wrist bones and ligaments are really complicated. I've been using light weight dumbbells and resistance bands plus electro stimulation. I'm finally able to hit 30 yard pitch shots and putt. Of course, I only feel the ligament when my wrist cocks in my backswing. I´m still a bit gun shy about hitting full shots. I usually play 3x per week so 10 weeks feels like an eternity. I don't want to reinjure t
  5. Done for 2017. Beyond the physical realm that TW faces the more problematic issue for him is his psyche. The once fit and confident golfer had his personal life exposed in public and one suffers from that shame. Since we are all people before we're athletes it takes a clear mind to play well. Perhaps he's recovered from that episode in his life and he's trying to make amends. Fatherhood seems to be an important part of that recovery. Just maybe this last surgery will free him up to play in 2018. It's no fun trying to golf with a sore back as I've endured that challenge myself. Toss in TW's mul
  6. Thanks for the welcome messages. Has anyone hit with the Paderson Kinetixx shafts? I heard the long drive contestants use them. Must be a reason. Please advise.

    1. hckymeyer


      Yup, MGS reviewed them we also had a forum member review. Just search at the top for Paderson

    2. hckymeyer
  7. Can anyone verify that the source of the Costco K-Sig is a rebranded Quattro Nassau 4P-SC-3C from South Korea?
  8. Retired ex-pat New Yorker teeing it up at Club del Lago three times per week.
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