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  1. Joe / Anaheim, CA US I try to practice before a round but that rarely happens. Would be great to keep it at my business since I have a net setup already Never owned a practice green I think the medium should be fine. Thanks Joe
  2. Joe A. Anaheim, CA USA Odyssey 2Ball Pro Floki
  3. I'm in Anaheim CA and would be interested in the FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL. I'm pretty level headed bit can get heated usually by pushy Marshalls or impatient groups behind me. I use Google fit has a fitness tracker
  4. Dad Miller, Anaheim Hills, Rancho San Joaquin, and Riverview. We need to hit a few others that my son will play on during his HS golf season coming up.
  5. Got back into golf because my son started playing after he suffered a brain injury playing HS football. We're both high handicappers but working on getting better each swing. Joe
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