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  1. Tom Farmington, NM I walk about 80% of the time. ClicGear 4.0
  2. Tom/Farmington, NM iPhone 11 Outdoors 40% Net, and 60% range with my First Tee students (this would be a great teaching tool for them).
  3. 1. THOMAS - New Mexico 2. 0 handicap, 109 mph 3. None at the moment. I did own a Ping G400 LST with a Ping Tour 65 X-stiff shaft, until my 15 year old son got ahold of it and won't let me put it back in my bag. I have created a monster...but at least he hits it better than I did. 4. I would love to have a driver in my golf bag again and would love it even more if it was the G410 Plus. And look on the bright side you probably will get 2 testers out of this for the price of 1 since my son will (more than likely) "bogart" it as well!
  4. Tom/New Mexico FootJoy Houndstooth Goretex from 1998 Last March in Albuquerque, the weather predicted was for 60 and sunny. A front moved in and it rained an inch per hour, blew 40 mph and the temp dropped to 39 degrees. My 30 year old rain gear didn’t handle it very well, to say the least. It sounds like the perfect scenario for Galway Bay...bring it on!
  5. Thomas Yost Farmington, NM Currently have a Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 which I have given to my 13 year old son and use a Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition for myself. Love the slope for practice rounds in major tournaments that I play in.
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