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  1. James Scotland, UK 6 Shotscope, GameGolf, Myroundpro.
  2. I have attempted to compare these three shot tracking apps: https://exploringimpact.blogspot.com/2018/06/gamegolf-vs-myroundpro-vs-shotscope-v2.html Have also added a poll, would be interested to see what others think...
  3. The other thing which seems incredible to me (In a bad way) was the decision to remove the MRP website. All of these products require post round clean-up if you want decent data and that is way easier on a pc compared to a mobile phone...
  4. MRP produces arguably the best stats of any tracker I have used with multiple strokes gained baselines and a really clear interface for where you gain/lose strokes. However, it is rubbish in other areas: 1. I am not using my phone to track shots during play. 2. The Microsoft band integration worked well for me but the band fell apart 3 times. 3. The course data was rubbish for some courses I play. TM did nothing to fix it despite me asking numerous times. Their response was instead to mark my Facebook comment alerting them to this fact as spam! I have used gg for a few years. Cap
  5. First name - James Home State/Province/Country - Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK ​Do you use performance tracking? Absolutely Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Microsoft Band 2, TomTom Golfer, GolfShot, Gamegolf, MyRoundPro, (also Bushnell Tour X rangefinder)
  6. James Scotland, UK 10 The original x14 steelhead Plenty of speed but sometimes struggle with dispersion...
  7. How do you find the lack of dispersion data? I like the idea of a voice caddie but the lack of data logging and dispersion data always puts me off.
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