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  1. In Sydney I think the "must plays" would be The Australian Club and New South Wales GC.
  2. Could you please add BROKE 70 and HOLE in 1 for me.... thanks!
  3. I have been using a MEVO for a bit over a year without putting the dots on and seem to get pretty good data. I have compared it to a TrackMan and while it is nowhere near as informative it gives pretty good basic results.
  4. Always DIY. I like fresh grips, so I change them every few weeks. If I paid to have them done I'd go broke!
  5. It will be interesting to see if they can actually sell them with all of the legal issues between Costco and Titleist.
  6. Driver Clubhead Speed: 100-105 MPH Hdcp Index: 0.9 Thanks for the opportunity!
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