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  1. Yes!!!!- I started out with a set of Jack Nicklaus irons (which are not bad clubs) and used them for about 2 years. Then I purchased the first set of Cleveland HiBore's when they came out. Used them for about 2 years. I thought I was ready for some regular irons and started to research them online. Found that the Cobra S9s (second generation IIs),,had a good reputation and purchased them. These are very nice clubs (still have them- (probably going to sell them). I used them for only a short time. Liked them alot, but the course I play on has very tight lies (new course) and was having a little difficulty (I thought). Went back to the all-hybrid set (Cleveland HB3s) and just love them!! Also, my neighbor (who shoots in the high 70s is going to get a set! I have found that I can work the ball just like any other club (most of my working the ball comes from being behind a tree and having to shape the shot around it-which I can do anytime- I call these shots, my Phil Mickelson shots). So to answer your question-- yes I did regret going from the all hybrid set to regular blades. But, in all honesty, if I don't sell the S9IIs, I will try to use them just for fun or a spare set (4-SW). Hope this helps!! Kevin
  2. Second Review of the HB3s' Greetings all- Just a quick little additional review of the HB3 all-hybrid irons (3-SW). Played another 18 today- Took 5 stokes off my game from yesterdays!!! Got used to hitting these very quick-only one chunked shot! (Bad set-up). Never had to use the 3 or 5 wood and didn't and game didn't suffer at all. Actually, I think I might even take the woods out of the bag! Conclusion--------- Length- about the same as Cobra S9s. More confidence-inspiring at set-up. Just easier to use!! ===== I even used the 3 iron/hybrid to hit a 40 yard chip and run that turned out great (didn't want to go to the cart for another club). I will now try to perfect this shot more than trying to flop a shot, that I used to do with the 60 degree wedge. I found that this set has giving me a whole new range of shots to try with more confidence. These are keepers!!! Kevin
  3. That's funny because Taylor-Made just sent me a burner 6-iron for free to try to get me to purchase a set! They say "it's better than the 6 iron your playing now". They were having some sort of promotion a while back that I must have enrolled in when I was thinking about a new set. They sent me a graphite/regular flex. Nice looking club!! But, I don't want to confuse the situation now that I have my new set, so- it will join the masses of other try-out clubs in my garage. I must start selling all these clubs on e-bay or my community or I won't be able to get my golf cart in the garage. Kevin
  4. My intentions with these clubs are not to cover up my misses, but rather to help me make easier/better contact with the ball. Consequently, my accuracy/distance, will improve, which will add up to more fun and better scores. I'm of the belief that a high handicapper can do better with these type of irons and hopefully get better. I also believe that a good golfer can play with just about any type of irons, but a high handicapper would have a hard time playing with blades. So, when I get better (I'm keeping a positive attitude), I will still play these clubs, as long as they do what I need them to to. If I ever get so good (to be honest here, I don't think I will ever get in the low 80s), that these clubs are lacking in some way, I will replace them. My realistic goal here is mid to high 80s on a consistent basis, but even more than that, to play solid golf. High 80s to low 90s in a week or two with good/solid shots would be fantastic!!! Kevin
  5. Thanks- I have a 30-day trial with these clubs. If they don't work out, I can exchange them for another set. I would hope that these will work out in the long-run. So far-so good!! If anyone has any questions regarding these clubs, I will do my best to answer honestly. I probably left out many things-since I've never done a club review before. Kevin
  6. I play at Carolina Lakes golf club in South Carolina. NOW FOR MY REVIEW OF THE CLEVELAND HB3 HYBRID IRONS!!!!!! Well, I played my first 18 today and thought I'd post my first impressions of the HB3 irons. First of all- it started out pretty good. It got a little worse and then much better! First Hole- Bad drive (not cleveland driver) Was left with 181 to the hole (uphill measured w/Bushnell range finder) Usually I'm left with around 140-150. Thought I'd try the longest club 3-hybrid. Result-3 yeards short of the green with a little unwanted fade, but not too bad! If it were straighter by 3 yards, it would have been great! Little chip with the 9 iron-hybrid to about 3 feet and 1 putt! So far, so good. To make this review much shorter, I will skip through to the 13th hole. Nice drive (200 yrds), which is about my average. That left about 200yards to hole. Pulled the 3 iron-hybrid out again to get acquainted with its true yardage. Ball landed about 10 yards from green, which is a good shot for this par 5, due to water on left. 9 iron chip to about 10 feet from about 80 feet. I was happy, especially since I don't usually use a 9 iron to chip. To summarize- I find that even though this is the first time with these new clubs, I have found that they seem to do the job very well-especially if you try not to kill the shot! A nice even tempo with good contact have these clubs doing just what I wanted them to do! They go straight and a little longer than the Cobra S9 irons. Feel- nice Confidence-inspiring during set-up Did not chunk any shots-very unusual Distance-very good for my swing speed (easy set-up and just have confidence that they will go pretty close to where I'm aiming) This was my main objective. Still getting used to distances-but seem to be 1/2 club longer than Cobra S9s'. When I get new clubs, I normally take my shot tracking radar unit up to the range and hit about 10 with each club to get an average. Didn't have time to do that, but will in near future and will report findings. What I think I like the most about having an all-hybrid set again, is having most of the clubs looking almost the same, with the longer iron hybrids (3,4) being easier to grab out of the bag-instead of picking out another type of hybrid (Bobby Jones),or fairway wood. Just grab the 3 or 4 irons on longer shots and go. If these long iron hybrids continue to give me these yardages, I might just take out the fairway woods, due to the fact that the distances will overlap! I don't need a 5 or maybe even a 3 wood, if the 3 and 4 irons go the same, but more accurate. I would always pray when I had to hit a 3 or 5 wood when accuracy was important. On the 18th- I had 175 to hole, with half of the green protected by bunkers. Was able to put the 3 iron-hybrid on the open side of the green!!! A little too much run though (maybe should have tried 4 iron-hybrid)---Very Nice!!!- Since I usually don't get on in 2!!! Will report back tommorrow after another 18. Kevin
  7. I'm glad to hear this. To be honest, I would rather be able to play consistenly with regular irons. It's just that I'm hoping that these will give me more confidence and consistency. Kevin
  8. What kind of insert do they use? Also, how do you compare it to the Scotty Red X5? Kevin Never Mind----I just found out that it isn't an insert but milled that way.
  9. Will do!! Thanks for the tip! Kevin
  10. Exactly---I also have about 5 putters!! I have not yet found the right one-you know- the one that just fits!! I was watching on ebay a couple of weeks ago one of the Scotty Camerons. It was the Red X3, if you know which one that is. I seem to do a little better with that type of putter. My golf club has one in their shop that I keep fooling with whenever I check-in to play. But, at @299.00, I just can't justify it. Hence, looking on ebay for a 33" Scotty Cameron RedX 3. They seem to go for about 120.00. I'm a little concerned about getting a copy though. Kevin
  11. Will do!!--- I will be taking many pictures in the next couple of days of all my other clubs to sell them on e-bay. My wife is starting to get on me about all the drivers and farway woods that are just taking up too much space in my garage. I'm also selling all of my guitars and amplifiers that are filling up the closets and I haven't even played in 10 years. Also, it will help pay for the new clubs!! Kevin
  12. I ordered the 3-PW and also the gap wedge and sand wedge. I'm actually hoping that the sand wedge has a large/wide sole because that will help me in the bunkers. I really have trouble in the green-side bunders. There are clubs made (Natural Golf, etc) that are made just to get out of the green-side bunkers and I was just about to get one. These clubs are made with a very wide sole and lots of bounce so all you have to do is hit it just like a regular shot. You don't have to open your stance or club face. I will post my reviews after my first round. Kevin
  13. No- I sold them to another club member last season and went to Cobra S9s. I read alot of reports about the cobra s9s and thought I give them a try. They are fine, but I've been having a little trouble with my consistency lately and when I saw that cleveland had a new/improved hybrid set, I just went ahead and ordered them. If they don't work out, I will go back to the S9s. I like the idea that most of my bag will be basically the same looking club and that might help me get my handicap back down. I've been having trouble with hitting it fat and thin. I think that these were good at not doing this. I play the 3rd hardest course in the Carolinas and it has pretty tight lies in the fairway most of the time. This makes hitting the ball just right or else. These clubs, I hope, will help. Kevin
  14. One thing that I remember about the original hybores, is, that I could play a draw and fade, even though I prefered to go straight. What I mean by that is that if I had to draw or fade around an obstacle (tree) I could close/open the face and just go for it. Some of my better shots was when I tried to do this. I could also pull off a draw/fade on occasion, but usually I just try to hit the fat part of any green anyhow. As far as "spin" if you mean spin-back like on the green; I don't think so, but that just might be me, since I don't think I've ever really able to do that with any club. I am usually about a 22-25 handicap, so that might be the reason. Regards, Kevin
  15. I just ordered a set of HB3's and should get them in 2 days. I will be playing them the next day, since all I do is play golf and fish at my active retirement community. This will be my second set of "all hybrid set" from Cleveland. I had the original hibore's when they first came out a few years ago. I used them for about 2 years and sold them and replaced them with Cobra S9s. For the life of me, I can't remember why I changed. I can't remember how they played, although I had the wrong shaft flex (Senior)(A), when I really needed regular. I believe I just wanted something new. I do remember that the S9s had a very good reputation, so I got them and do like them, but I saw these new HB3s and thought "why not"! I do like the fact that I can use all these clubs without having to change swings from irons to hybrids to fairway woods, etc. I'm considering taking out my driver and possibly 3 wood and just using my 5wood (180 yrs) for drives. I'm tired of purchasing drivers (currently 5) and I can trust my 5 wood to go straight. I hope that these HB3s' will do what they advertise (high and straight), and I will be fine. Best Regards Kevin
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