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  1. John, Pittsburgh-PA I have been practicing a ton on my carpet using BIRDIEMASTER putting cup (from 90's)... but typically wane down practicing during the winter During COVID, I stayed with a friend for a month, and used his Perfect Practice quite often. I've also had non-branded roll-up green which I didn't find very easy to use since I was forced to roll-up up at the request of wife. Medium speed would be nice with cups on both side simulating up/down grain for differing speed.
  2. John / Pennsylvania 10.2 Callaway Apex 19 145 - 155
  3. 1. John, Pittsburgh, PA 2. Handicap index 11.7; Driver Swing speed about 97 mph 3. Callaway Epic 10.5 deg Hzrdus 4. Epic Flash
  4. UVa wins it all. You heard it here first. I mean UVa makes it to the second round!!!
  5. 1. John/Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) 2. Nike Storm-Fit Jacket and Walter Hagen Rain Pants 3. Started raining from hole 7. By hole 10, it started raining more. On par 3 11th hole, I stuck it on the green about 7 feet below the hole. I didn't have rain gloves so the second glove (I already changed) is soaking wet. When we drive up to the green, it's a downpour. We decide to wait it out under a tree (no lightning) and check the radar. Radar indicated that rain isn't going to let up. About 10 minutes waiting under the tree, the green is submerged in water making it unplayable. Rain won't stop us playing but unplayable course condition did.
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