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  1. This! About 3 years ago I went to a 43.5 driver and added lead tape to get my SW back. I'm actually hitting it longer on average because of better contact. The only downside is trying out a new driver... they're all standard length shafts at the big stores so I never feel quite comfortable.
  2. Yeah it did nothing but frustrate. I was hoping someone would say oh for SM you need to do this magic trick and it's super easy. I guess I'll have to do the same thing you did and just try to adjust it at home until I get it right. Thanks bud!
  3. Has anyone ever had trouble adjusting your bag straps? I bought a sun mountain last year and mainly used my pushcart. I was carrying the other day and noticed that my bag is super uncomfortable and I just can't get the straps correct so the bag sits fairly horizontal and in a comfortable spot. Any advice?
  4. Josh / Maryland ~14 Srixon z765 ~165
  5. Josh North Bethesda, Maryland HDCP: 15.4 Current Irons: Srixon z765 Iron Model to Test: Prowler VT
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