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  1. I can follow the ball for most of the flight but notice that I always lose contact when it gets ready to hit the ground. It's like my eyes/brain want to refocus. I have a couple pair of Oakley Prisms, including the new ones that are supposed to be darker. Nice sunglasses, but they don't help tract the ball any better Sent from my Moto Z2 Play using Tapatalk
  2. We play with a large group of other members (men and women) and most are pretty comfortable having conversations even while putting or hitting the ball. There's usually music blaring in the background as well. As long as you expect it, as a ongoing conversation, everyone does it. Making an unexpected sound like throwing your club in the bag or unzipping something loudly during someone's swing will get your throat slit and thrown into the hazards however. You'll also never hear positive reinforcement for your ball in-flight either. It's always 'get in the water' or trap, etc. A few of
  3. I'm 53, play golf almost every day, and I've never had one. I've only seen 3 in person and all of them have taken place in the last 18 months or so. Maybe it means that mine is right around the corner #1 happened at the club championship and the guy in my foursome refused to take the 9 stroke max limit on holes. He was rocking a score of about 125 thru 16 before he aced #17. #2 was in a scramble and the guy bombed a driver into the flag on a par 4 to drop straight into the hole. #3 was also in a scramble and the guy won a car. The guy kept crying the rest of the round and t
  4. Not being able to touch the pin has been one of the greatest things ever to happen to golf. No more pulling it for some and putting it back in for others, and it's certainly cut down on the chumps that like to throw the pin down on the green (one of my personal pet peeves).
  5. May just be me, but give me 10 rounds on 5 courses with the exact same 128 slope rating and I can probably guarantee that there's going to be a consistent 5-6 stroke difference in the average score on at least 3 of the courses.
  6. We've got gps units in the carts at the club. Tend to use them up until the approach shots because it's instant feedback when your already sitting there looking at it and then lasers from then on. Not much more frustrating than hitting a good shot and then finding your on the wrong tier of the green because you're too lazy to pull out the LRF for a measurement that will tell you the pin is on the back when it looks like it's in the front on an elevated green. If you had to pick just one, I think you would have to go with the LRF and it's by a pretty wide margin.
  7. 13.4; Edmond, OK IG: PDT816, Twitter: PDT816, FB: PDT816, Youtube: 40+ rounds, play every day weather permitting. Titleist 917 driver & 3 wood, Titleist 818 3-hybrid, Mizuno 850 JPX Forged 4-GW, Volkey SM6 Wedges 54,58, Scotty Cameron putter. Dream Bag (Right handed) Driver: KING SPEEDZONE XTREME 10.5*(matte black & white), Fujikura ATMOS TS Blue 6 (Black) – Stiff flex 3 Wood: KING SPEEDZONE FAIRWAY (matte black & white), Fujikura ATMOS TS Blue 7 (Black) – Stiff flex 3 Hybrid: KING SPEEDZONE UST Recoil 780 ES
  8. I bought 6 dozen of these because it's been so windy in Oklahoma this spring and teeing up ProV1s and losing them was making me a little anxious. After 30-40 rounds I've probably had 10 drives that felt like I absolutely nutted them die short, but for the most part I've been pretty happy with them. Haven't found myself making any adjustments in irons regarding distance.
  9. PDT816

    MIzuno RB Tour

    I bought some about a month back and still had some significant scuffing/cover durability issues. They get pretty marred up with full wedge shots and it's 50:50 if you would want to keep it in play if one hits a cart path, etc. Couldn't fault the ball characteristics, but they get a little pricy when other options in the same category are playable until you lose them.
  10. Have the same take. Love the grips 9 months out of the year, but there's not enough cording for when it's 90* plus and humid. Bought a can of Golf Tac at golf galaxy the other day and it seems to help a lot. Just spray a quick squirt on your glove or grip and you're good to go for 6-7 holes. I also bought a towel called Gorilla Gold but haven't tried it yet. Sent from my Moto Z2 Play using Tapatalk
  11. Kevin, Edmond, OK Driver: Ping K15 10.5° w/Aldila NV 65-S 3 Wood: Ping K15 w/Aldila NV-S Hybrid: Ping K15 (3) w/Aldila NV 85-S Irons: Mizuno JPX 850 Forged w/ True Temper XP 115 S300 Wedges: Volkey SM5 M Grind 54° & 58°; 8° bounce Putter: 2016 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback Grips: Golf Pride MCCPlus4 midsized 13.2 HCP Goals: get to a single digit handicap, improve short game strokes gained, work on course management, play 300 rounds:)
  12. Kevin, Oklahoma Driver: Ping K15 10.5° w/Aldila NV 65-S ~104mph/243 yards Social Media handle: PDT816 Android Smartphone
  13. I used to not keep track of my score total during a round. If I was doing well, I didn't want the added pressure. If I had a couple bad holes, I tended to chase strokes (and that never ends well). We got new carts at the club (with GPS/scoring screens) and it's significantly harder to just ignore it. Either being desensitized by having it your face all the time, or just getting serious about a pre-shot routine (my best guess) has pretty much taken all the anxiety regarding real-time totals for me.
  14. Seems around here that the prices of the more expensive courses is determined by how many rounds they want to be played annually not revenue Sent from my XT1058 using Tapatalk
  15. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/17853-divider-bags/?p=243463
  16. Love: The divider system/top is awesome, even after hundreds of rounds. It's well made and has worn better than I ever expected and it has real zippers. The clubs stay aligned and with a quick glance you can always confirm you have everything in your bag. And it does quiet things significantly when your riding in the cart (it doesn't do anything for your playing partner's bag though ) Hate: It falls over the second you let go of it. Even just to open the trunk. It's really fat when you put anything in the side pockets. Because of the design, your putter, ball retriever, al
  17. Yep. OGIO Silencer. I have a love hate relationship with mine.
  18. They are boas and I loosen them considerably before taking them on and off. It's a structural problem with the shoe. It's a tiny hole, not really something that's due to wear or slippage.
  19. I bought a pair of Adidas Tour 360 boosts at the club first of March. I've been in love with them until yesterday. About 1/2 way through the round my heels start blistering and there's a hole in both heel cups. It's my second pair of Adidas that have done this and Adidas claimed to have fixed it. Not happy since I probably have 10 cart rounds on these.
  20. Your Handicap = 10 Your State/Province = Oklahoma, USA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance = 100ish 225-230 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) = Either.
  21. Music/No Music. Not really sure what difference it could make one way or the other.
  22. IMHO, lessons are the best money you can spend on the course. I played for decades without ever having one and now I have them at least once every other month. I'm a big tech geek in all other things, but having a pro on the practice range always is my preference.
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