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  1. Hi spotted this thread and read thru it ... I signed up in 2016? or (. damm poor memory ) ... and one year latter they revamped the course with all new video's and a slight update - and changed the way they charged for it and gave us a free year to try ( I also didn't cancel in time - so the next year I ended up paying for .... ) BUT -- I see my legacy log-in still works ... ( https://legacy.tathatagolf.com ) I found it hard to stick to my head ... but did like the wedge instruction. Since then I have listened to the audible book --Training Code ( link .. https://www.audible.c
  2. First -- MGS is additive ... and with all the time I spend learning stuff on golf Any idea when the 'next' version might be coming out ? I saw this post don their web site ( https://exputt.com/pages/our-story ) They stepped away from the semiconductor business and focus solely on golf technology and are now in the process of creating new products, such as a dynamic, full-swing simulator and the next generation for Exputt, which will include wifi capability and data extraction.
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