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  1. The test I did at home were dropping a ball from my eye to the ground to see where I setup to the ball to check for the size of putter and ball position to my dominant eye. I also took upclose slo-mo videos of my stroke directly behind and directly in front to determine my stroke of a slight ark. The rest of the research was done reading a lot of articles/forums on here and other sites. Well I thought center/straight shafts are generally for SBST and that plumbers necks weren't necessarily good for a RH/LE golfer due to the full shaft offset. But I've always been fond of the look of the plumbers neck, but it feels slightly awkward when swinging one.
  2. Hey everyone. I'm trying to fit myself for a putter but having a tough time finding what I need. I'm a righty who is left eye dominant and a slight arc to my stroke. I've come to the conclusion after some research and a few tests at home and the local pro shops that I need a 33" blade/anser, that is heel shafted w/ no offset. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I could find this style of putter. Most putters that I'm finding are primarily plumbers neck or flow necks w/ offset. Also, price is important. Looking for something affordable. Any input would be helpful.
  3. South Dakota checking in. Looking forward to talking to some golf freaks like myself. Looking forward to learning a lot!
  4. I received this item as a Christmas present from my wife! I'm very excited to use it but very hesitant to play with a phone in my front pocket. She bought it from Amazon and they included a cylindrical phone battery charger to keep your phone fully charged without having to plug it into an outlet. So I am nervous to keep both in my pocket as I play with only a ball marker and tee's in all of my pockets usually. She said I could return it if I wanted and get something else. (I am due for new shoes and driver... ) But I am interested in the analytics. Curious, is this device able to calculate swing speed? Any info would help! Big decision on my hands!
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