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  1. Tried a demo of Titleist AP1 with a stiff Kuro Kage shaft today, and decided I'm not ready for graphite, yet. Prefer the feel of steel.
  2. I'm probably going stock, or shafts with no upcharge. I've heard good things about the steel fibers, but I'd have to put them in my old clubs rather than buying new clubs.
  3. I'm leaning towards the Pings. I like the Titleist AP1s, but I don't like the two gap wedge set up.
  4. A Titleist fitter recommended AP1 irons with a Kuro Kage 85 stiff shaft simply as a way to reduce wear and tear on my body. I am also considering Ping G400s with their stock graphite shaft. I've been a Ping guy since the mid 80s, so I'm kind of leaning that way. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with recommendations? Thanks
  5. Used an old bronze Anser with a Pingman grip. Problem solved. Thanks for all the advice.
  6. The closest dealer is more than 1.5 hours away.
  7. Are these sold in stores, or are they online only?
  8. I am a life long Red Sox fan. Went to my first game in 1960. Since 2004 things have been pretty good, but I still remember disasters from the past. Just can't get too excited about a series in early August. Now, if they can eliminate the Yanks in the playoffs, I'll get excited.
  9. All the putters I tried had inserts, and had very muted sound and feel. I do prefer the putter to make a click when I hit the ball. I'm currently using a Cameron Circa 62 #6, and a Bridgestone Tour RX.
  10. I just got back from Golf Galaxy, and was testing putters. I tried various Pings, TMs, Odyssey putters. They all felt so soft, It was like I couldn't really feel the strike. Are there any putters with a firmer feel?
  11. I have had very good luck going spikeless with FootJoy Versaluxe, They fit better than any recent golf shoe I've had. And, as it always seems to happen, I find a shoe I love, and it gets discontinued. Not sure what I'll go to next.
  12. I would love to see Ping do some bags in solid colors. I used to have Hoofers in solid green and Navy.
  13. I'm just glad I don't have to play that course. If I ever did, I'd have a scorecard for distances and hole diagrams, but I wouldn't have a pencil.
  14. Always been excited after a personal best. I don't go around telling every one, but always feel very satisfied after a pb, or just a good round in general. If I stop feeling excited, I guess, it's time to hang them up. But, I am a very optimistic person, and generally kind of pumped up.
  15. I worked in sales for a company that made automatic dishwasher detergent. We made a very good product, but we didn't come close to our competitor's advertising budget. I have to believe that all the ball companies that are ahead of Bridgestone are out spending them on advertising and marketing. I like Bridgestone balls, and I think they are as good as anything out there, but they need to toot their own horn a bit more.
  16. Pinehurst/Southern Pines have a fair amount of good courses.
  17. I think fitting helps, if it is done right. I believe the static fit is a good place to start, and then make adjustments. Also, I want to be fit outside. i want to see the ball flight. I'm not sure a fitting as detailed as Club Champion does is required as long as the fitter knows you and your swing. The fitter I use is very good, and will not try to sell me a club if there is not a significant difference.
  18. This is how we play. Nobody goes back to the tee.
  19. Snowing here in NC. I played in a Mens Association tourney 2 weeks ago in shorts, and while I didn't expect it to stay that warm, I thought we turned the corner on winter. We were supposed to leave today for a short get away to Pawley's Island, and had to postpone our trip until May.
  20. Martini tees work well as a single prong divot tool.
  21. Tested the G400 and the Gmax yesterday. Both felt great, but the G400 was the winner.
  22. Saw a couple yesterday. Our club ordered some for a member. They were the dark finish, and looked really nice.
  23. I walk almost every time. Ride for Shotgun Starts, and if it is too hot.
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