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  1. The SHPR is built to my specs and we are headed to Phoenix for a few rounds, initial testing shows exactly the performance Wishon describes, penetrating flight with the ability to move the ball both ways L/R. I can't get it to balloon, even when I try
  2. As the dust settles, a global CT machine calibration fiasco. Now fixed. Supposedly.
  3. Let's see, lofts 7.5 - 13.5, face angles of 4 +/- with the bendable hosel. My experience with the handpick/bend service has been on spec, everytime. No moving parts! (That will have to wait `till 2021, watch for it!)
  4. Wow, taking the golfers gullibility to a new level, lower than the OEM ad campaigns.
  5. Look at all the hi tech gizmos on this one.
  6. If you have found that using a fat grip on your putter works for you to keep your hands quiet, try a jumbomax on your SW/LW or whatever club rarely has a full swing. I use one on my 58* wedge and it has cured my chipping yips and made me deadly from 75yrds in.
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