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    1. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year - John Thomas, Hartford, CT, 45 -50 rounds py
    2. Social Media Accounts - FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn
    3. Handicap and Swing Speed - 13.2 index, 98 - 104 (driver)
    4. Current Set - Wilson Staff V6 irons, BombTech Grenade driver, BombTech 5 wood, Ping Rapture 2 i
    5. Desired Cobra Set - Conventional irons, King wedges
  1. I was in your place in late May. What worked for me was the following:

    1. Stopped thinking about my score. I just decided to play each shot as well as I could. No frets about the last shot and no tension with the next. At the end of the round, even if the score wasn't great, I knew I had played each shot as well as I could. It was a great shift in mindset that allowed me to have fun.


    2. I stopped focusing on the ball at address and tried to "see" my target in my head. My body/swing seems to respond well to this. Not ball-bound I guess.


    3. I listen to this...a lot. Best piece of sports psychology I have ever heard:



    Not sure any of this will help. We are all different. Good luck.


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  2. I am one of those guys that is always looking at performance/price ratio with everything. I cannot bring myself to spend the $$$ on Pro 's. That said, last couple of seasons I really liked the Taylormade Project (a) balls.


    This year, I've been trying out the niche brands, so far Vice and On Core. I really, really liked the Vice Pro+ and may go back to them at some point, but right now I am gaming the On Core Avant. I love this ball. It's lower compression, is long, but has great feel around the greens. Everyone should try them once, anyway.


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  3. I've been playing the 9* original for the past two years. I love mine, TBH. I'm not particularly long, but when I hit it on the button it goes 275 - 280ish (although I think that has more to do with proper swing sequencing than the club). Anyway, it's solid, long enough, and--most importantly--pretty straight. I cannot hook this thing and most shots have a very gentle fade at the end.


    One adjustment I have made that has helped teeing it lower than what might be considered typical. Also, I did have the upgraded Matrix White Tie shaft put in.


    I also bought the three wood last year, solely on the strength of the driver. IMO, neither club can be beat in the "performance for the price" category.


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  4. I'm the same way so what I started doing was at the water stations every 3 holes I run water over my hands to cool them down. Works wonders for me. I also have a 64 oz hydoflask that I have contemplated bringing on the course with me as it keeps water cold to do every hole. However, since water is generally every 3 holes this has allowed me to go 1 glove a round for now but the glove is still a little damp at end. Saved me from blowing through 3 gloves a month though!


    On the range though I'm lucky as they keep water there and I just wet and air dry or wipe down my hands every so often.


    Has to be cold water though! Warm at all does nothing for me.


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    Running a little cool water over the hands is a brilliant idea. Filing this one for future use!


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  5. So I was selling a set of Nike Vapor Pro irons on a classifieds site in Utah. They were in MINT condition with X100s AMT 4-PW. I stated the specs and everything and even linked a couple of review of the clubs so people would know what they were buying. Well yesterday a kid contacted me and told me that he was really interested and we talked about he price and came to an understanding. So I meet up with him and he takes the iron and asks, "What does X100 mean?". I just kinda sat there for a few seconds then asked him how much he golfs and more questions about his game. Well he just started a months ago and loves it and is now golfing like 3 times a week. After more questions I found out he knew nothing about Flex, MB, CB... I mean any golf term. Long story short I literally tried to convince him not to buy them but to try something a little more forgiving but over and over he said, "but they look so awesome" and "I'm sure I'll be fine".


    I mean really guys, I tried, I really did. In the end he drove off with them and now I feel like a con artist or something. attachicon.gifIMG_4815.JPG



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    I think you did the youngster a favor. He'll likely learn how to strike the ball better with those clubs rather than GIs, over time. (I wish I was playing 3 times per week)


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  6. I'm a big fan of unique ball markers. Also like them larger...this diameter sounds about right. (My current go-to marker is a Ben Franklin silver dollar). I'd definitely throw one of these in my bag for play. You going to experiment with other metals/materials?


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  7. Welcome. Equipment reviews are great. They're done by real people like you and me. You might even get review something yourself.

    You can also learn alot from our members. Big golf enthusiasts from people in their 20's to their 60's. Alot of knowledge floating around here.


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    That's what I'm hoping for. Thanks for the warm welcome.


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