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  1. Wishon makes woods with bendable hosels, so you can adjust the lie. That's the selling point for me. I currently play a Wishon 4 wood as my 230-240y club. I'm pretty slight of stature (5'4") and almost all 3 woods are just too upright for me, and so curve left... and with the upright lie you sort of have to come over the top a little so the heel doesn't dig, so you're hitting pull-draws as the only real predictable shot. Can't stand it. I have plenty of situations where I need to hit a nice fade with one, but just can't. Wishon makes woods with bendable hosels (almost no one else in the world does), so I can have the lie bent flat to accommodate me. Works great. I used to have one of his drivers, too, and it was fine, but I wanted something that I can easily swap shafts on, so I stick with my 2016 M1.
  2. My last purchase from lostgolfballs was in April... a bucket of 48 Mint ProV1's. There were a few refurbished ones in the bucket. Not too happy with that. But it's still a good deal. 4 dozen ProV1's for about $100. Hard to beat, even with a few duds in there. I play those or buy Kirkland's ball, which is pretty good, too. I've played DTC Snell balls, too, and like them, but haven't used them in a few years.
  3. Cabretta gloves just don't last very long with me. Between the humidity, my sweat, and cords on my grips, they just tear up too fast. Probably not a month. Either the heelpad busts, or my thumb pops through the end. In 2019 I started using Finger Ten All Weather gloves. They're sort of a microfiber cloth. I've retired some from being dirty and stretched out, and I've had one that the seams came undone, but none of them have ripped holes in them like cabretta gloves ALWAYS do for me. I've tried other materials, but I don't like any kind of "pleather" glove. They just don't perform. The microfiber cloth performs great for me, especially in the humidity where I live (NC).
  4. I usually see vertical lines on faces... but supposedly horizontal lines produce better roll. I think Guerin Rife did a bunch of research on it, which is why Rife and Evnroll both use horizontal lines... I think Sik does, too.
  5. Paul Runyan, (aka "Little Poison"), who had the best short game on tour for many years, advocated this kind of grip, though he did it with his arms quite bent. He sort of bent over with really bent arms and his hands both turned under the bottom of the shaft/grip. Bryson does it with straight arms, Runyan with very bent arms. There are a lot of youtube videos on him and putting and the short game.
  6. Steve, can you mill the face with the lines going horizontally instead of vertically?
  7. I'm like you. 5'4". I play my clubs 1/2" short and ALSO have the lie adjusted several degrees flat. You will not see any loss of distance with just 1/2 inch. Now if you take 3-4 inches off, yeah, you'll see about half a club or so. But half an inch will do very little, except make the club marginally easier to play. Getting your lie adjusted is FAR more important.
  8. For a non-technical thought, I like Penick's "Take Dead Aim." For a technical thought, at least for full swing, I like "Make the follow through twice as long as the backswing." Makes me really accelerate through the shot, and produces a reliable power fade for me.
  9. Rest and ibuprofen and heat to get rid of the inflammation and promote healing. Physical therapy to strengthen and heal. Lessons from a pro to fix the improper technique so you don't injure it again. Regarding the last one: a lot of guys struggle with this because they are hitting with their arms and hands, upper body strength being used in the wrong way, and the transition is sometimes too abrupt. All that puts tension in the right arm and elbow. You need to feel the club more in your fingers, and "swing" the club smoothly towards the target and just let the path of the clubhead pass through where the ball is, instead of "hitting" the ball. I like to think of the shaft/grip as being the handle of a heavy bucket, and I'm swinging and throwing the heavy bucket at the target. Just think if you had a 5 gallon bucket, half filled with water or sand... hold the handle like it's a golf grip, and then swing back and forth a few times about waist high, and then you need to toss the bucket towards the target to your left. The pressure on the right elbow changes... instead of twisting from the shoulder and elbow like an arm-wrestling contest and then pushing with your tricep (that's the motion that is hurting you), the motion should be more of resisting the centrifugal forces of the club pulling away from you, which you should feel in the fingers, and it should passively lengthen the arms, and you should feel your right bicep and right index finger controlling how much the clubhead dips out as you swing the club, instead of "hitting" at the ball with your right tricep and forearm. You could also imagine holding a heavy dumbbell and swinging and tossing it towards the target. You wouldn't push it with your right arm and forearm, but use your largest muscles (thighs, back, torso) and feel it pulling away from you rather than you pushing it away from you. A lesson or three from a good teacher should help you move in that direction.
  10. Definitely. I swap out 3w and 5w... depending on if it’s a long course (3w for the par 5s) or a short dogleggy course (5w off the tee on a few holes). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Oh yeah. I was a teenager when he was on SNL. He was very funny. Matt Foley... the Bears fan... the dancer... the nervous interviewer... [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I’m 44.8 years old (ha!) and have played regularly for about 25 years. I’d recommend following Marty Music on youtube. He’s a goofy likable guy that does easy lessons. There are plenty of other good lessons on the tube besides him but he’s a good place to start. Other than that, you can always just pick a song you want to learn and type it plus lesson in the search bar and you’ll find a few. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. A day late and a dollar short... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I miss my old 300cc Titleist driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I have a practice green in my basement, and a few years ago used to practice putting with a mix of balls... I noticed the Wilson Duo seemed to come off hot... it’s a real bouncy low compression ball. Since I noticed that I try to only use similar spec balls, like prov1, snell black, tp5... higher compression soft cover — and not low compression balls. But the Duo was the only one that seemed to roll out more than others, but it was really really low compression—like 35, iirc? Might’ve just been that year’s model; I think Wilson changed the specs later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. You can bend the shaft to adjust toe hang. Simple 3/8 pipe bender. Flatten the lie by bending it near the putter head, then bend it just above that spot to return the shaft upright again and voila you’ve got toe hang. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I’m skeptical about his approach long term as I said before, but I have to say after this past weekend I am impressed by his “Moneyball” approach. Driver, wedge, hot putter wins today. I’m trying to recall how often I’ve seen a guy win who normally has a balanced game, but then for a particular tournament he suddenly gets hot with the putter... seems like I hear that in the strokes gained commentary fairly often when watching. Bryson adapted to make it happen.... trying to be the best driver and the best putter, drive for show AND putt for dough! I see in his SG he’s a solid scrambler too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I played 9 yesterday. First time out since November... due to a wrist injury (right hand/trail hand). Played one handed. From the ladies’ tees. Took a few mulligans for absolute mishits (it’s hard swinging onehanded!) and shot a 40. Actually got to putt for eagle on a par 5 (missed it but got my bird). My right wrist is slowly improving. Maybe I will get to play for real in the spring. Slow and steady with the physical therapy... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I played 9 yesterday. First time out since November... due to a wrist injury (right hand/trail hand). Played one handed. From the ladies’ tees. Took a few mulligans for absolute mishits (it’s hard swinging onehanded!) and shot a 40. Actually got to putt for eagle on a par 5 (missed it but got my bird). My right wrist is slowly improving. Maybe I will get to play for real in the spring. Slow and steady with the physical therapy... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I’m thinking along the same lines. It’s definitely interesting as an experiment from “the golf scientist” — but sustainable... for years? We’ll see. I tend to think that fast massive gains are difficult on tendons and joints. And in golf, when the swing becomes too violent/explosive and not graceful enough, body parts will blow out. This is what happened to Tiger, in my opinion (and also according to others, such as Gary Player, for example—an early example of a golfer who was big on diet and physical fitness, with very specific convictions/theory about what an ideal golf physique is). Tiger was the best, bulked up to become better, it worked for a few years and then body parts started breaking down... the knee and back are obviously known but I’d bet he has issues we don’t know about too. If Bryson stays on this path, I expect injuries in his not too distant future. His swing does not appear graceful to me, but explosive and violent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I bought an Instant Pot branded one off Amazon. I use it with a tote or little cooler or tonight I just plugged the kitchen sink drain, filled it with hot water and did it in that. You need some decent ziploc style bags (not the zipper kind but the old kind). You put the meat in, zip it halfway, then submerge it in water as you zip up the last bit... that makes a vacuum seal. Use clothespins and a stick to clip the ends to it and keep them from going under water just in case the zip seal isn’t 100%. If you have a thermometer you can do it in a pot on the stove; you just have to tend it a bit. That’s a good way to try out the technique for proof of concept before you spend $100 on the gadget that makes it easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I take back what I said about sous vide not doing much for thinner burgers!!!! I went to the farmers market today and they had some beautiful lettuce and tomatoes, so I bought them and made burgers again tonight. I made 2 quarter pounders and one half pounder (right out of the freezer) and sous vided them at 127 for an hour and a half. Then put some butter in a cast iron pan and brought it up to the smoke point (just above medium on my stove). I seared the quarter pounders for one minute per side, then 30 seconds covered to melt the cheese. For the big burger same deal but two minutes per side. Perfect. I prefer the flavor of a grilled burger though... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. YES!!! If you want a perfect burger, try it. 127 for an hour or two, then sear it and let it rest a few minutes for the internal temp and juices to equalize. No more overcooked or undercooked burgers. I think the sous vide shows it’s benefits most with a thicker burger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. So I bought a chuck roast and did a double coarse grind through my Lem, made some seasoned 8 oz. patties and put them in the sous vide at 127 for 1 1/2 hours. Seared them on my PK grill 2 minutes, flipped and seared again, flipped and topped with cheese (muenster and American), then grilled for about 30 seconds more til the cheese was melted, removed and let rest a few minutes, then bunned ‘em with some pickles and homemade burger sauce, and fries on the side. Perfection. The wife and daughter ate them up, too. Wife couldn’t finish a half pounder so I helped with that, but the 6 year old had no problem with the quarter pounder I made her (just grilled, as it was too skinny for a sous vide I think). Got ahead of myself and forgot to take a pretty picture for you, but at least in the halfway after pic you can see the beautiful color on the inside. Pink but not bloody, just right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. $400?! Overpriced. I’ve got a good 5x5 mat I only paid $150 for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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