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  1. I know Monte. I'm the one who talked him into trying this putter. He hasn't changed either since putting it in the bag a year and a half ago. That's almost as impressive as me not changing for over two years.
  2. I was fit at a golf shop. I was curious about the online video fitting, so I submitted a video when they had a free trial of it and it came out to exactly what I was fit for in the shop. So, I wouldn't have any issues trusting the video fitting.
  3. I have one, and I bought the revealer as well. This putter has been in my bag for over 2 years. I can say without hesitation this is the best putter I've ever used. I had serious doubts, so I bought the revealer to try to debunk all of the videos. The only thing I was able to prove is that this putter does something no other putter can do. The only time this may leave my bag is when he creates a new one. Lie angle balancing is 100% the real deal. Anyone here in the dallas area who wants to roll a few, give me a shout.
  4. Wow, this would be amazing. 1. Chris in Texas 2. 2.5 3. 2016 M2 9.5* with GD Tour MJ 6s 4. 108 mph, 255 carry 5. Mr. Phil Mickelson
  5. Regarding the Directed Force, it's actually 'Precision forged with a 1000 ton mechanical press and then heat treated before the first of two CNC stages' It is not cast as stated in the original post.
  6. This is one of those times I agree 100% with the USGA. I've played too many tournaments with these young guys that have a 3 inch thick book in their pocket. They consult it on every putt. I've watched a guy spend 2 minutes reading and consulting for an 8 foot putt. He left it 3 feet short and then started the whole process over again. About 1 minute in, the third player in our group said, "It's the same Damn read as last time."
  7. So what your saying is we all played better after the C-Force water...
  8. Thanks for a fun day guys! I may need to change my name to Texas20cap after that round though
  9. I played on the All Army Team, so if you want to win, feel free to reach out to me. Go Army, beat Navy!
  10. I used to work for one of the major OEM companies. Tons of testing went on including golf balls from every manufacturer. Tests were conducted with both a robot that hit golf balls and with a machine designed to launch golf balls with predetermined spin rates and axis. The latter of those 2 gave us the most reliable tests as far as performance in different conditions. Several factors were able to be isolated that way. The robot would be the ideal way to test when trying to determine durability or longevity. I hope that helps. If you are trying to test with human input, you would want to use 1 ball, a launch monitor, and probably a net. You would need to calculate average ball speeds over 10 shots, then divide the test into 10 shot groups. I'm guessing there will be a time when you will notice a drop off in average and high ball speeds. Continue until failure.
  11. Sweet, my money gets divided into fewer pockets this way.
  12. Ever been to a driving range? Not many of them replace golf balls after 100 strikes. By the way, my swing speed is about 105.
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