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  1. These look pretty solid. Should be a pretty good year for callaway.
  2. I'm new from Texas as well. Living in the western dallas area.
  3. I would be in! As for having game, I'll decide that at the conclusion of the round.
  4. I rolled the Evnroll last year at the PGA show. Pretty solid tech in these. I spent a lot of time in the green at the show. These were some of the best Putters there.
  5. Hello world, wait, has this speech been used before? Anyhow, I am a new member and am living in the west dallas area. Looking for some like minded golf nerds to tee it up with and to talk some golf. I used to work in the industry as a fitter for a well known family run golf company. Still love the game and love talking golf. My passion is putters and designing them. I work in the government sector, so golf is my escape. Looking forward to being a part of the community. I've been stalking this place for a long time. Figured I should sign up and donate. Glad to meet all of you!
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