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  1. Everyone knows there is no good music these days. The best music always comes from whatever years you were in high school!
  2. Wow until June! I'm itching to hit some balls here in Michigan. Only a few warm days so far and I wish I would have taken advantage of them when I had the chance.
  3. Great Opportunity for someone! Gabe Grand Rapids, MI HC: 14 Current Irons: Taylormade RSI-2 I would love to test the T-200. Thanks!
  4. I haven't played yet due to weather. When it gets a little warmer I'll probably get out under certain conditions. I would most likely walk, refrain from touching rakes and flagsticks. I can't imagine I'd be at risk being in the open air and touching only my clubs that I brought with me. I don't think I'd be comfortable riding in a cart. Information changes every day so we will see what the next couple weeks brings.
  5. Thanks for the chance! Gabe - Michigan Handicap - 14 Current Irons - TM RSI-2 7 Iron Carry - 160
  6. Shes 4 and a half and growing like a weed! Don't worry, if I win I'll make sure to get her in some nice golf kicks in the future. Those crocs don't even fit anymore!
  7. Has this worked out for you?
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    She is 4 and a half. Loves to be out there. I have a younger one too and when she's older I can't wait to play a round with both daughters and my wife. A great foursome that will be.
  9. SmoothG


    Nothing sweeter than time on the course with the little ones!
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    From the album: FAMILY TIME

  11. SmoothG


    From the album: FAMILY TIME

  12. SmoothG


    From the album: FAMILY TIME

  13. SmoothG


    From the album: FAMILY TIME

  14. SmoothG


    From the album: FAMILY TIME

  15. I'd suggest a playing lesson. Work with someone who really understands course management and can help you think your way around the course using the swing you already have. Club selection, where to miss, proper lines to take etc.... This can really have a big impact on your game and you may start to think/play differently when another set of eyes opens you up to something you haven't thought of before. Combine a playing lesson with a properly fit putter and breaking 80 could be closer than you think.
  16. I'd like to hear more and some supporting evidence.
  17. Is anyone else making "skinny sticks"? I've had rocket tour covers before and they are nice quality but I don't love the colors of the skinny sticks. I'm looking for something to fit on my Ping G Crossover. I wasn't really concerned before about a cover on it but it has a graphite shaft and the way I set up my new bag other irons are banging the shaft.
  18. I use the Elixr exclusively and I have not seen this issue. Obviously there is a defect in the balls you received. I've used the contact form on their website several times and every time they have gotten back to me in a couple hours.
  19. When I got on trackman I found there wasn't very much different in distance between some clubs at the top of the bag. I spread out the gaps a little bit and its working out better for me. I go: Driver 14.5* 3W 19* Hybrid 24* Crossover 27* 6 Iron
  20. Thanks for the advice guys. I think you are right, I shouldn't give up the control I have around the green and I'm gonna make sure to keep the Elixr in play for all rounds, no matter the format.
  21. My gamer is the Oncore Elixr. I love it... best feel ever, perfect amount of spin for my game. My only issue is that is slightly shorter than some other balls I have used but no big deal I use it anyway. That said, when I play in scrambles and such I'd like to get a little more distance if I can and I usually find that with the Titleist Velocity. Only problem is that its slightly too hard and doesn't spin. Is there a ball that is very much like the Velocity but maybe is just a smidge softer (only a little) and has a smidge more spin?
  22. How do you like that Gapr Mid?
  23. Rickie really struggling with the driver today. Hopefully his putter can keep it from getting away.
  24. I always sell old clubs otherwise when I'm playing bad its the clubs fault and I need to switch to my other set. Of course when I only have one set, its still the clubs fault but I have to figure out a way to deal with it, lol.
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