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  2. Welcome neighbor...I'm in Nanaimo Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Nice...haven't been to Quadra since the 90's, but I hear there is a nice new resort there.
  4. Thunder Bay....been there when I have gone to visit family in Fort Frances....quite the deep freeze there right now I understand. Golfing season will be here before we know it???? Seems like a lot of Canadians on the site.
  5. That'd be good. I enjoy Morningstar...my son did his junior group there for a year and a bit, so played it quite often then with the Pro who ran the Junior Program there. The pro moved on to Olympic View, so haven't been up there since last spring. Being a Vancouver guy, do you have any experience, or know anyone who has had, with Modern Golf in Richmond? My wife gave me a fitting for Christmas. Thanks for the welcome.
  6. Hey everyone. I have followed My Golf Spy for product reviews for a while, and have just joined the Forum. Looking forward to it. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada, and am a member at the Nanaimo Golf Club. No golf right now, as we are in a deep freeze for these parts, which means we are getting up to near freezing during the day and -7 Celsius at night. Quite cold for here....we have a similar climate as Seattle, with a bit less rain, despite being in Canada! Looking for a new driver this season....I am hitting a G driver right now from a local pro, but am going to wait to pull the trigger. I am hoping to take the ferry to Vancouver and get fit for a driver at Modern Golf. Looking forward to the My Golf Spy fantasy golf as well...just signed ip in Group 3. I have played Yahoo Fantasy Golf for a while now.
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