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  1. - Mike - Troy, Michigan - Currently use Game Golf Live and enjoy it. Tried utilizing Arccos device but didnt like carrying my phone in my pocket - I do not use a watch currently - Typically use the Game Golf GPS app and a range finder Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Mike T - Michigan HDCP- 10 Driver- Taylormade R1 Rogue Black 70g S Swing Speend: 115 mph 275 carry Staffer: Phil Mickelson
  3. My first project repainting my SM6s this off season. They were already the black finish wedges, but I decided to change them up and go with a Master's Color scheme for this year. Here is to hoping it brings out the best of my short game this summer!
  4. Trying to do a clear paint fill on the weights for my Scotty. Did a color fill on the numbers and let dry for days, but when i try to fill with the Tamiya clear it causes the color paint in the numbers to bleed and run. What is causing this since the paint has dried for days and its another paint on top of it? Any suggestions?
  5. I will give the Tamiya white a shot this weekend to see how it matches up to the 16' M2. Finally started to work on the Scotty a little bit and decided to mess with my wedges as well. Going for a Master's them on my wedges, hopefully inspires a better short game! lol First time doing my own paint job and these were done without needle tip applicators. (Those should arrive today) Way to time consuming with a toothpick and acetone to clean the edges
  6. Does anyone have any extra authentic Scotty Cameron socket tools to remove the putter weights? The aftermarket ones that are the t-handles don't provide enough torque to break the factory seal. Let me know if anyone has one for sale. Thanks!
  7. Going to start working on my first Scotty re-paint this weekend! Got my Tamiya paints and all the supplies, just need to set the time aside to start the project. A side question though, does anyone know what white paint will match best to a Taylormade M2? buddy of mine need his touched up and wasnt sure if the Tamiya White Gloss would work. Anybody used that point or something different for an M2 touch up?
  8. Detroit Area Show is March 10th - 12th
  9. What flex do you have it in? I might be interested since you already have the R1 adaptor in it Sent from my SM-N910V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Haha if only it was consistent.....and controlled. Definitely going to look into a local fitting Sent from my SM-N910V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Sorry guys, should have been much more specific with the post. Currently i play the x-stiff that came with the R1, gotta double check exactly which shaft it is. I would prefer a high kick point since I already launch the ball high as it is. Was never fitted for my driver, just bought it knowing that the shaft had a high kickpoint and was x-stiff. Have swing speed over 105mph consistently and usually average 300 off the tee...control is typically the issue, so looking to change something up. Also, like to tinker with equipment so thought this might be a fun change up
  12. Hey Guys, Looking for some feedback/ideas for a relatively decent priced x-stiff shaft that I can swap in and out of my R1 driver. Looking at possibly bringing a shorter shaft into play for tighter courses and toying with the idea. Dont want to blow a bunch of money on an experiment, but thought it would be worth a shot. Thanks! Mike
  13. Where abouts in Italy? My grandfather is San Marinian Sent from my SM-N910V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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