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  1. First Name/City State: John / St Louis, MO Desired to Test: 440 or 460 440 Swing Speed: 105-110
  2. First Name / State of Residence John / Missouri Handicap 9 Current Hybrid in Play Titleist 585H, 17*, ProForce V2 75S What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid Versatility/Workability
  3. Name: John City/State: St. Louis, MO Handicap: 9 Dream Cleveland Bag: Classic 290 Driver 9.5* Launcher 2009 3W 15* Mashie TM2 Hybrid 19* Tour Action TA2 irons 3i-9i RTX 3 Raw Wedges 48* 53* 58* Huntington Beach 1 Putter Thanks for the opportunity!!
  4. Personally I'd much rather have my source of income be based on teaching golf, hosting a successful television show, and allowing people to pay me just to put my name on a product than any standard 9-5. I honestly don't even like the guy or his show and find the way he pronounces golf "galf" as soothing as nails to a chalkboard. He seems to be making a good living off his golf related endeavors though, can't hate on a guy that works hard and gets paid to hit "galf" balls into a launch monitor on national television. If someone came to me and said "Will you allow us to pay you $X,XXX,
  5. Music (drum corps), and baseball card collecting! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I personally like to keep a Bluetooth speaker in the cart with some music playing if I'm playing alone, occasionally if I'm playing a beer drinking round with my buddies. My general rule of thumb is that if I can hear it while I'm in the fairway hitting my shot it's too loud. I don't want my personal choices to affect others on the golf course so I keep the volume reasonably low. With that said I cannot stand when I hear music on the green (or other area of the course) I'm on from a group that's 50 yards away. If there's one observation I've noticed with this new trend of music on the cou
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