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  1. Hi there, thinking about pulling the trigger on the Nikon Coolshot Rangefinder all the reviews on it have been great http://www.grumpygopher.com/best-golf-range-finders/ and I really like the size of it think it is going to be my next golf purchase!
  2. Hi there, I think its awesome that Bubba is being different once again golf needs more characters like him. I didn't even know what Volvik was until I came across it here http://www.grumpygopher.com/10-best-golf-balls-distance/ I've been using the Volvik ball for a little while now and its pretty awesome and very reasonably priced.
  3. Hi There I have tested both pushcart you have listed above and found none of the them were quite as good as the Clicgear 3.5+. I have never had an issue with the bag getting in the way of the console. To me Clicgear by far makes the best carts and didn't even know they released the 3.5+ model till I saw it here http://www.grumpygopher.com/best-push-carts/
  4. Hi there, completely agree with you I would not play or buy an illegal ball there is though plenty of great long conforming balls on the market I currently play the Srixon Soft Feel and found out about it here http://www.grumpygopher.com/10-best-golf-balls-distance/
  5. Hi there, I agree with the above poster about the sun mountain C-130 awesome bag that I have been using for a little bit now I found out about it here http://www.grumpygopher.com/best-golf-bags/ there is a couple great choices like the Ping cart bag but I would recommend the Sun Mountain C-130
  6. Hi there, since you are a 15 handicap I would focus mostly on a ball for distance I assume your club head speed isn't incredibly high so a ball focused more a distance will be perfect for your game from a control and distance standpoint I would try one of these http://www.grumpygopher.com/10-best-golf-balls-distance/
  7. Hi I would look at staying with the traditional 3 wheel carts the margins for a pro shop are quite thin with electric carts and a lot better for 3 wheel carts any listed here are great but Clicgear is my favourite and seems to be for most people http://www.grumpygopher.com/best-push-carts/
  8. Yes I have tried them didn't notice anything great for a mid level ball and I think there is a lot better choices for this category of ball I would prefer any ball listed here http://www.grumpygopher.com/10-best-golf-balls-distance/ over the Kirkland ball
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