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  1. 39 minutes ago, MaxEntropy said:

    My hands get very sweaty. A couple years ago @tony@CIC mentioned he uses a rain glove when it's hot and humid. I've been doing that and it works out well for me. On really bad days I'll even put on both gloves.

    That's exactly what I have had to do. It gets so damn humid that my regular glove is soaked about halfway through the front 9. That's when I either grab the spare glove or resort to the rain gloves. I saw something today that mentioned using baby powder. I might have to give that a try. I also found a hand drying lotion on amazon earlier that is specifically for sports. The price is low enough that I don't mind giving this a chance.



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  2. I don't consider myself to be a "sweaty" person, but when the temperature gets over 90 and the humidity is right up there, I have a real problem keeping my sweaty hands from affecting my grip. I played a round one time with a buddy of mine, who's rather large. He had some kind of lotion that he swore kept his hands dry. There have been times I bust out the rain gloves it gets so bad, but there's got to be a better solution. Anyone have any secrets or tips on how to keep your sweaty hands from messing with your games?

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  3. Some background info - I've been trying to buy a new Taylormade M4 driver. I have been gaming the same R1 Black driver for over 6 years now and it's time for an upgrade. Been waiting for the deals on the M4, but now it's almost impossible to find one in 10.5 deg with a stiff shaft. I can however buy the 10.5 with a senior shaft. My question is, would it be fine to just pick up a shaft of my choice and switch out the senior flex shaft with no negative effects? Are the clubheads setup for certain shafts? I don't think they are, but I also don't want to find out the hard way.

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  4. I'm really interested in this setup. I used to have something like this as the floor on my enclosed patio out back. I would place a couple of shot glasses on it for my "holes". I figured that if I hit the glasses, my putt goes in the much bigger hole. This way I can move them around since the floor had a gradual slope away from the house. It has served me well as my putting has been a pretty strong part of my game.

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  5. I'm heading down to Williamsburg next month for a little golf trip and I'm trying to pick our courses. I've only played Williamsburg National Jamestown course about 6 years ago and it was in good shape. If anyone is familiar with any of these courses and can shed some light on whether or not they're worth playing or has other suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. We are looking at about 4 or 5 rounds, maybe an afternoon replay a couple days. These are the ones I'm looking at:


    • Kiskiack
    • Colonial Heritage
    • Williamsburg National Jamestown or Yorktown
    • Golden Horseshoe Green or Gold
    • Cypress Creek in Smithfield


    Thanks in advance!

  6. I just stumbled across this thread and wanted to introduce myself. I'm in Burlington, right near the Bristol Bridge. Closest course to me is Rancocas, but there's lots of courses within 20 miles or so. I'd be up for getting together for a round sometime. Don't mind driving a bit. My golf time is mostly Friday afternoons and weekends.

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  7. I have been visiting the website for over a year now and just realized there is a forum section. I am located in Burlington, NJ. I guess it's considered South Jersey, but it's at the top part of the southern half. I'm about 15 mins. outside of Phila. My home course is Rancocas.


    I'm always looking for someone to pair up with. My score resides in the 90's mostly with the occasional +/- round.


    If you're looking to get out and aren't intimidated by my superior game, give me a shout.






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