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  1. Mark Graham, Bristol VA. 24201 Currently get yardages from my playing partners if they have one that is. Always wanted a measuring device. My opinion on technology in the golfing world is I think it has made golf more accessible to people by way of learning and teaching people and fitting people with the correct clubs and helping experienced golfers with distances and what clubs they should use. I grew up when shrubs were your 150yd markers and the rest was just a guess and sometimes even the trees or shrubs were wrong. So I think its great for the golfing world and THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY.
  2. Mark Virginia Odyssey Toulon Atlanta (34) Frontline Elvado Slantneck (35)
  3. Mark 56 Virginia Ping G15 AWT Stiff shafts with Tour Wrap 2 grips. I have been a Ben Hogan fan my whole life and have several older sets including the Red Line, PC, Edges, etc. Thanks for this great opportunity to test the new line of Hogan irons
  4. Mark, Virginia Ping Piper. Straight. 34in. O Works Tank 7 Red Sent from my SM-N900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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