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  1. Blake - Athens, TX iPhone 12 Outdoor at range - course and range are basically in my backyard Net = Yes, would like to see how the numbers compare Would it also be possible for friends to try this out on the range as well? Would love to grab their feedback.
  2. 8.1 - Athens, TX FB, IG, Twitter - @blakewilliamson on all social platforms 12-20 (including upcoming tournament scrambles and member guest tournament) Titleist TS3, Taylormade RBZ 3&5 wood/4 hybrid, 714 AP2 irons (S300 - too stiff), Titleist &Mizuno wedges Cobra Dream Bag - SpeedZone driver 10.5* - HZRDUS Smoke Yellow - Stiff 60 SpeedZone 3&5 Wood - HZRDUS Smoke Yellow - 60 Forged Tec 4-PW - Nippon Modus 3 105 (Could also play Forged Tec One length) 50, 56, 60 - Nippon Modus Wedge 105 I would pay to get fitted to make sure this set was dialed in. Would love the process or collecting Arccos data with this new set and reporting back. Thanks for sponsoring this and participating with My Golf Spy.
  3. Blake - Texas 8.1 Sterling Single Length - Hogan 88 Redlines 157
  4. First Name/State - Blake/Texas Current Putter - Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport 2 , Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Right hand or Left hand - Right Why are you interested in testing the TA Impact #3 - I tested the Impact No. 3 for a few minutes at Dicks and was impressed. Wife did not agree that it was a good idea to purchase at the time. I think my putting could benefit from a mallet style putter. I value the data that MyGolfSpy puts out. I would gladly replace my Scotty Camerons with the Impact No. 3 if it would help me hole more putts. Would love for my friends to have a chance to try out the putter as well.
  5. Blake - TX REI hiking rain pants. Mountain Hardware Dragon jacket. Both 11 years old Nothing golf specific. Can't afford right now. Torrential "gully washer" rainfall in a Chamber of Commerce scramble in March. Almost every player finished the round drenched. Love to play in cold and wet because I pretend it's like playing in Europe without the cost of a plane ticket! Would love to do this with proper golf rain attire. Also, volunteer golf coach and would be nice to have rain gear to wear while walking in tournaments.
  6. Blake - Texas Setup Driver: Titleist 907 3 wood: Titleist 906F 3 hybrid: Titleist 585H 4 hybrid: Titleist 910 Irons: Titleist 714 AP2 (5-p) Wedges: Vokey 50, 54,58 (all spin milled) Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Handicap - 16 Goals 1. Get my body healthy. Working out and stretching (yoga). I got really sick last spring and spent 11 days in the hospital. Have to increase strength and flexibility. Golf is the carrot that helps me want to get healthy and keeps me healthy because I walk. 2. Increase distance and dispersion in irons and metal woods by end of summer. 10-15 yards would be great. 3. Have fun every round. Invite more people to come enjoy playing golf. 4. Put the people around me in a position to be at their best. 5. Engage more with people on social media. Encourage others. Post more pics and vids of my kids having fun and playing golf. 6. Compete in our club championship. 7. Drop handicap to 8 by end of summer. 8. If chosen, make amazing and fun content for Cobra Golf on social media via FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  7. Blake Williamson - 35 Athens, TX Distance off the tee. I tend to hit a big cut/controlled slice but it costs me a lot of distance. When I connect square through impact and hit it 30 yards further it completely changes the way I can play a course. Would like to get more consistent strikes off the tee and fairway by having the opportunity to look at the data to better understand my swing (path/face to path/ AOA/etc).
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