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  1. Last drop full set $350+Shipping Head alone $275 Diamana $30 Black Tie $65
  2. As listed above, flawless condition. Comes with 2 shafts 12g neutral 12g draw/fade booklet wrench headcover Matrix is tipped 1/2 inch 271 CPM's Khaleesi not included. $500 OBO----Actually lets just make it $450 OBO---Need this gone--$425
  3. FS Is a slightly used Tensei White 70 TX, plays at 44 3/4. Winn Dry Tac grip. Titleist Tip from my 917d3. I used the shaft for about 2 rounds. Its a phenomenal shaft, looks and feels wayy better than anything iv used thus far... but just a little too whippy for my high swing speed. Im not looking to make money on this, just looking to get out what i have in it. $265 shipped
  4. Your first name: Wes Your home state/province: Indiana Your current handicap: +2 Your current iron set: Miura CB, Steelfiber 110g Your biggest strength & weakness to your iron game: Strength: Distance. weakness: control
  5. BRAND NEW: Project X HZRDUS T1100 6.5, 65G, never tipped, never gripped. $335 shipped OBO
  6. Your Handicap - +2 Your State/Province - Indiana Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance -120+mph & 310yds Your Preference (F7 or F7+) - F7+ THANKS!
  7. Your first name Wes Hometown/State/province Fishers IN Strength & weakness of your short game Honestly...not much. Short game is my main strength (+3 handicap) if anything id say @ 90-100rds. Do I play the 58 or the 54? The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game 58 TS (ill grind and bend to 56)-DG X100 54 ES (ill grind)- DG X100 50 SS- DG X100
  8. Not the best but better than nothing i suppose. It will counter balance the two actual hook ups i do have lol
  9. I have a guy that has the hook up on tour issue Tensei White/orange and KKDC XT...but is going to cost some $$$$$
  10. Hit the Tour AD GP today. Crossing off list, too spinny
  11. who has the hook up on the Tensai Orange?
  12. I bought one...first non callaway driver iv ever owned (been playing for 24 years). Best feeling driver iv hit in about 5 years imo then again im buying an Epic too, so...
  13. WesP

    Epic Driver

    Got my hands on the Epic 2 weeks ago. Ill be ordering one as soon as we can figure out a shaft for me. Ball speed numbers were 2mph faster vs my 917. Spin number werent what we wanted but thats were the shaft fitting comes into play. Some Driver and 3w data
  14. Got to a curtain point where i couldnt just play off the shelf clubs. Everything in my bag has been carefully thought out, and hours of continuous "R&D". Honestly i wish i would have been fitted when i was in high school, i feel like my iron game has only improved since i got custom fitted for my Miuras. Now we are trying to figure out what shafts going to fit best for my high swing speed. Driver used to be my most consistent club in the bag, until about 4-5 years ago, basically once i stopped playing college golf. Even gone so far as to find old callaway heads i used to play lol Clubs in Sig.
  15. i hit a set the other day, its hard for me to compare iron though, since i bought my Miuras.... I will say super simple and clean design and actually hit the 7iron about 6-8 yards farther than mine. I would def be okay playing these if i had to.
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